Communism in the free game C-evo is an Industrial Age advance available mid-game and a government type of the same name.

The government type compares favourably with Monarchy, by eliminating all corruption and by adding an additional material resource to every tile that produces two or more. The only disadvantages are:

Its advantage over Monarchy is particularly apparent for coastal cities that use many coast tiles with an Offshore Platform when The Lighthouse Wonder is operative: each coast tile produces three material units.

Mere discovery of the advance, without needing to adopt the government type, allows any future design of an air unit or a ground unit to have the Fanatic unit special feature unless the government is Bemocracy, Future Society, or Republic. The striking effect of Fanaticism is that if your unit dies in combat it imposes twice the standard amount of damage on the victor, which will kill the victor too if your strength was over 50% of the victor's.

Communism, one of C-evo's "Industrial Age Advances" (needing Science)


Industrialization and Philosophy
Allows or enables: Fanatic

Has military or other value: Additional damage to enemy units and other features

Obsoletes: Nil
Further advances
that require it:

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