Communism is a late governnment type that is available after the discovery of communism, an industrial age technology.


Communism is similar in effect to a monarchy with one important exception. Under a communist government, corruption is at the same level in all cities. This makes it especially attractive for empires that are spread over large distances. Normally in this case, corruption may be overwhelming at the fringes of the empire. But under communism, corruption may remain manageable. Communism is equivalent to the monarchy in its ability to allow greater production than a despotism.

  • Normal resource production.
  • Martial law for 3 units: For every military unit inside city, unhappiness is reduced by 1.
  • Units cost 1 shield of maintenance. Settlers consumes 2 food units.
  • Low Corruption, however is equal in all cities. (All cities are considered as they were from 10 tiles of distance to the palace)

Advisers are Soviets and its leader is known as Comrade.

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