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Communism is a government type in Civilization II.

A Communist government is ruled by a controlling party, with a single person, known as a chairman, acting as the head of state. In a true Communist system, all property is owned collectively by the people, and labor is organized to be equally advantageous to all people. This ideal has never truly been realized, however, and the "Communist" governments of the world are usually much different.[1]

Game Notes[]

  • Communism is best for large, far-flung empires that need to maintain a large military.[1]
  • Use your powerful Spies to steal technology from the capitalist pigs![1]

Unit Support[]

  • Each unit beyond the third unit costs one Shield (Civ2).pngShield per turn.[1]
  • Settlers eat two Food (Civ2).pngFood per turn.[2]


  • Up to three military units in each city institute "martial law". Each of these units makes two unhappy citizens content.[1]

Corruption and Waste[]

  • Under Communism, state control of the economy eliminates organized crime. Your cities, therefore, experience no corruption.[1]



The default title of a communist ruler is "Comrade". The Chinese Communist ruler is known as a "Chairman" (male) and "Chairperson" (female).


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