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Under Communism, the government is in the hands of a ruling "party" controlled absolutely by you, the Chairman. Although Communism allows greater production than despotism, the system restricts personal freedoms, limiting commerce. One positive aspect of Communism is its effect upon corruption and waste: all cities suffer the same, limited effects.

Detailed effects[]

  • Corruption under Communism is handled in a special way, all the cities of the civilization are for corruption purposes exactly same distance away. Including the capital which will also now experience corruption. The only variable factor in this is how many cities the civilization has, more cities will increase the shared corruption rate across the entire civilization up to the modified OCN (optimal city number). Despite this anti-corruption improvements such as police stations and courthouses, along with a connection to the national trade network reduces corruption and waste.
  • Communist Espionage (spies not diplomats) begins with at veteran level instead of regular.

Civilopedia entry[]

Communism is a conceptualized system of government in which resources and production facilities are the property of the entire society rather than individuals. In a communist society, labor is shared equally as well, and the benefits of labor are distributed according to need. Under such a system, all people would be equal, without class stratification. Although the basic idea of communism has existed since the time of Plato, modern communism is identified with the system of government described by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels in the "Communist Manifesto". They believed that capitalistic systems, in which the rich upper class prospered through the exploitation of the powerless lower class, were bound to destroy themselves. At this point, the poor would rebel against their former oppressors and form a classless society. This prophecy has never come true, and countries that have attempted to base their governments on communism have ultimately failed to achieve the utopia described by Marx and Engels.


Titles: Comrade

Unit support for this government was modified in the Conquests expansion, making it more flexible:

City level Civ3 and PtW Conquests
Town 2 6
City 4 6
Metropolis 8 6

Civilization III Governments
C: Added in Conquests expansion