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Adam Smith's Trading Company
Alhambra GodsKings5 clear.png
Amundsen-Scott Research Station R&F-Only.png
Angkor Wat [1]
Apollo Program[2] Not a wonder Not a wonder Not a wonder
Apostolic Palace [1]
Big Ben
Biosphère [1]
Bolshoi Theatre
Borobudur BNW-only.png
Brandenburg Gate
Broadway BNW-only.png
Casa de Contratación R&F-Only.png
Chichen Itza
CN Tower GodsKings5 clear.png
Colosseum[3] Not a wonder Not a wonder Not a wonder Not a wonder Not a wonder
Copernicus' Observatory
Cristo Redentor [1]
Cure for Cancer
Darwin's Voyage
Eiffel Tower Renamed[4]
Estádio do Maracanã
Etemenanki [1]
Forbidden Palace Not a great wonder[5] Not a wonder[6]
Globe Theatre BNW-only.png
Golden Gate Bridge GS-Only.png
Great Bath GS-Only.png
Great Firewall GodsKings5 clear.png
Great Library
Great Mosque of Djenne GodsKings5 clear.png Cannot be built[7]
Great Wall [1] Not a wonder[8]
Great Zimbabwe
Hagia Sophia
Hanging Gardens
Hermitage Not a wonder[9] Not a wonder[10]
Himeji Castle
Hoover Dam
Hubble Space Telescope GodsKings5 clear.png
Huey Teocalli
International Space Station BNW-only.png Not a wonder[11]
Isaac Newton's College Not a wonder[12]
Jebel Barkal [1]
J.S. Bach's Cathedral
King Richard's Crusade
Kilwa Kisiwani R&F-Only.png
Knights Templar
Kotoku-in R&F-Only.png
Leonardo's Workshop Not a wonder[13]
Leaning Tower of Pisa GodsKings5 clear.png
Machu Picchu GS-Only.png
Magellan's Expedition
Mahabodhi Temple [15]
Manhattan Project Not a wonder[16] Not a wonder[17]
Marco Polo's Embassy
Mausoleum of Mausollos [1] [1] [1]
Meenakshi Temple
Michelangelo's Chapel Not a wonder[18]
Mont St. Michel
Neuschwanstein GodsKings5 clear.png
Notre Dame
Országház GS-Only.png
Oxford University Not a wonder[19] Not a wonder[20]
Panama Canal GS-Only.png
Parthenon BNW-only.png
Pentagon Not a great wonder[21]
Petra GodsKings5 clear.png
Porcelain Tower
Potala Palace
Prora BNW-only.png
Red Fort BNW-only.png
Rock 'n' Roll Not a wonder[22]
Ruhr Valley
SETI Program
Shakespeare's Theatre Not a wonder[23]
Shwedagon Paya [1]
Space Elevator
Spiral Minaret
Statue of Liberty R&F-Only.png
Statue of Zeus [1] [1] [1]
St. Basil's Cathedral R&F-Only.png
Sun Tzu's War Academy Not a wonder[24]
Sydney Opera House
Taj Mahal R&F-Only.png
Temple of Artemis [1] [1] R&F-Only.png
Terracotta Army GodsKings5 clear.png
The Internet [25] Not a wonder[26]
Three Gorges Dam [27]
Torre de Belém [1]
Venetian Arsenal
Uffizi BNW-only.png
United Nations Not a wonder[28]
University of Sankore [1] GS-Only.png
Women's Suffrage Not a wonder[29] Not a wonder[30]
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 Requires DLC
  2. From ''Civilization III'' onward, the Apollo Program is no longer a Great Wonder.
  3. Prior to Civilization VI, the Colosseum was always a regular building.
  4. The previous version is renamed CN Tower and the Eiffel tower has a wholly new effect.
  5. The Forbidden Palace is a Small Wonder in this game.
  6. The Forbidden Palace is a National Wonder in this game.
  7. The Mosque cannot be built, but can be seen behind Mansa Musa when interacting with him.
  8. The Great Wall is China's unique improvement.
  9. Hermitage is a National Wonder in this game.
  10. Hermitage is a National Wonder in this game.
  11. It is instead a World Congress competition. Points are gained towards it by maintaining Campuses and Spaceports and completing the Train Astronauts project.
  12. Newton is a Great Scientist who can instantly build a normal University; however, the free technologies are obtained from Oxford University.
  13. Da Vinci is a Great Engineer who can instantly build a normal Workshop.
  14. From Civilization IV onward, the Lighthouse is a regular building found in every game.
  15. As a Shrine
  16. Manhattan Project is a Project, not a wonder
  17. Manhattan Project is a Project, not a wonder
  18. The Sistine Chapel Ceiling is a Great Work of Art able to be created by Michelangelo, a Great Artist.
  19. Oxford University is a National Wonder in this game.
  20. Oxford University is a National Wonder in this game.
  21. The Pentagon is a Small Wonder in this game.
  22. Rock Bands are special units unlocked with Cold War in Gathering Storm which can produce Tourism by selling albums.
  23. The Globe Theatre is a National Wonder in this game.
  24. Sun Tzu is a Great General and The Art of War is a Great Work.
  25. Has the same ability as Civilization III's Great Library.
  26. Computers is a technology in this game
  27. The Three Gorges Dam was slated to appear in Brave New World, but was cut from the final version of the game.
  28. The World Congress is introduced in Gathering Storm, taking the place of the United Nations; it automatically convenes without any player having to build anything. However, it can be seen in the Diplomatic Victory end movie.
  29. is a Tenet in this game
  30. is a Civic in this game