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Competitions, otherwise known as Scored Competitions, are a new addition to Civilization VI in the Gathering Storm expansion. They resemble International Projects from Civilization V: Brave New World in that they provide an opportunity for all nations to compete and achieve some goal, but their specific mechanics are quite different.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Competitions are started in the late game through a Resolution proposed in a Regular Session of the World Congress. Such Resolutions start appearing from the Modern Era onward. Note that a Competition will start only if the vote on its Resolution passes! This means that nations which feel that they are not prepared for certain competitions are actually able to prevent them from running, thus also preventing their competitors from gaining valuable rewards.

Each Competition runs for exactly 30 turns, after which it is declared over and a winner is chosen. Herein is where they differ from the International Projects of Brave New World, which had a certain 20xProduction5.png Production cost and would run until that cost was met.

In each competition certain game actions or events will net a score towards the victory in this particular competition. After the time runs down, a winner is declared (obviously the nation with the highest score); there are also Silver prize winners (a.k.a. Silver tier), which are all nations whose score falls within top 25% of all civilizations, and Bronze prize winners (Bronze tier), whose score falls within the next quarter (26%-50%). All other nations receive nothing. Civilizations who score 0 or below will always receive nothing. The winner (the civilization with the highest score) will receive both Gold and Silver Tier rewards.

If there are only two competitors, the one with the higher score receives both Gold and Silver prizes while the one with the lower score (above 0) receives the Bronze prize only.

Scores are updated at the beginning of each turn, so be aware that other players' actual scores may be higher than what you see.

After the June 2019 Update most Competitions also award 1 Diplomatic Victory point to their winner. Aid requests (including Military Aid requests) and Climate Accords award 2 Diplomatic Victory points. Among the three Nobel Prize competitions, only the Nobel Peace Prize grant 1 Diplomatic Victory point upon winning.

Special Competitions[edit | edit source]

In each game most competitions listed below will get proposed, at one point or another, during Regular Sessions. There are several exceptions:

  • Aid Request Competitions (including Military Aid Requests) are proposed not during Regular, but during Special sessions. Visit their article for more info.
  • Nobel Prize Competitions will only appear in games where Sweden is present. If Sweden gets wiped out later in the game, they will no longer show up. Any one of the three Nobel Prize Competitions can be proposed at a Regular sessions once the world enters the Industrial Era.

List of Scored Competitions[edit | edit source]

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