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Confucianism (Civ4)

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Confucianism (Confucianism (Civ4)) is one of the religions in Civilization IV.

Game Info[]

The first civilization to research Code of Laws will found Confucianism.

Civilopedia entry[]

Confucianism is an East Asian religion based upon the teachings of Confucius. Confucius (known in Chinese as Kong Fu Zi) lived between 552 and 479 BC. Confucius lived in China during an especially turbulent period, when the country lacked central leadership and various small states fought constantly for dominance. As much a philosopher and political theorist as a religious leader, Confucius sought to teach others the correct behavior for man in society. His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality and strong family loyalty. He believed that each man had a place in society, and that each should behave righteously and correctly according to that place. This included the ruler, who needed to be devoted to the people rather than to personal aggrandizement.

Confucianism grew in influence for the two centuries following Confucius' death, until it was rigidly suppressed during the Qin Dynasty, whose leaders saw it as a threat to their power. The Qin systematically destroyed the Confucian temples and burned all the Confucian books, including most of Confucius' writings. Virtually everything was lost, except for a cache of important books hidden in the walls of a believer's home. When these were discovered, the few remaining believers were able to rebuild and spread their religion. Eventually Confucianism became the state religion of China. It remained so until the Communists came into power in the 20th Century.

Today, Confucianism is enjoying something of a revival, and many Chinese students (and students from around the world) study the great philosopher and his teachings. However, in modern times Confucianism is mostly studied as a philosophy rather than a religion (though it should be pointed out that there is no clear distinction between the two in Eastern thought).


  • The image seen upon founding Confucianism is the Chinese character for water.




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