Pingala (Educator) (Civ6)

Connoisseur is an additional title for Pingala the Educator.

Connoisseur is a Level 1 title for Pingala, a Governor in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.


R&F-Only +20% Civ6Production Production toward Theater Square buildings in the city.
GS-Only +1 Civ6Culture Culture per turn for each Citizen6 Citizen in the city.

Civilopedia entryEdit

A connoisseur is someone who appreciates subtle grades and differences in the quality of an item, such as food, wine, or art. The ability to discern and articulate quality of delights is praiseworthy in hedonic philosophies like Epicureanism. Grumpy naysayers and the uneducated are more likely to lampoon the connoisseur’s habits and exquisite tastes. How boorish!

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