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Conquests of Alexander is a scenario in Civilization VI that was released with the Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack.


The intro narration for the Classical Era is used.


This is a timed single-player scenario in which you control Alexander, rushing to expand your empire and earn the title of "Alexander the Great." It emphasizes territorial expansion, combat, and calculated use of your Great Generals. The technology and civics trees, Policy Cards, diplomacy, and religion are all disabled, and the city occupation penalty lasts until the end of the scenario.

Persia is your opponent in this scenario, and you are locked into war with them. They are allied with all three of the city-states, each of which can field a different unique unit. Alexander the Great makes an appearance as a Great General in this scenario, and all of the Great Generals provide different benefits. You will receive one or two free units if Alexander the Great is within one tile of a city containing a Palace or a wonder when you capture it, but if he dies, the scenario ends in defeat.

To achieve victory, you must conquer all 28 cities on the map within a number of turns determined by the difficulty level: 60 for Settler, 55 for Chieftain or Warlord, 50 for Prince or King, 45 for Emperor or Immortal, and 37 for Deity.


Special FeaturesEdit


Because the player cannot obtain Envoys in Conquests of Alexander, it is not possible to interact with city-states diplomatically. As such, city-states do not provide any envoy bonuses or Suzerain bonuses.

Icon City-State Suzerain Bonus
Athens colored (Civ6) Athens Not applicable.
Marakanda colored (Civ6) Marakanda Not applicable.
Patala colored (Civ6) Patala Not applicable.

Great PeopleEdit


CIVILIZATION VI - Devs Play Conquests of Alexander (New Macedon Scenario)

CIVILIZATION VI - Devs Play Conquests of Alexander (New Macedon Scenario)

Ed Beach and Andrew Frederiksen play Conquests of Alexander.

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