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The Conquistador is the unique unit of the Spanish civilization. In vanilla Civilization IV, the Conquistador replaces the Knight, but in Beyond the Sword it replaces the Cuirassier.

Strategy (Vanilla)[]

Compared to the Knight, the Conquistador has the following differences:

  • +50% vs. Melee Units
  • Receives defensive bonuses the Knight is denied.

Using Conquistadors[]

The Conquistador is highly dangerous at this stage in the game - they aren't vulnerable to Pikemen and aren't prone to being attacked when in retreat. Therefore, this makes them highly effective pillaging units, especially when coupled with the Mobility promotion.

Against Conquistadors[]

Conquistadors need two different items to work - take out just one of these and you cripple the Spanish. If you have Ivory, make plenty of War Elephants and station them in border cities likely to be pillaged. Build a decent road network in the border cities, and they'll lose their speed advantage.

Strategy (BtS)[]

Compared to the Cuirassier, the Conquistador has the following differences:

  • +50% vs. Melee Units.
  • Receives defensive bonuses the Cuirassier is denied.

Using Conquistadors[]

At this stage in the game, many players can be transitioning to Gunpowder units, or a mix of Gunpowder, Melee and Ranged. For this reason, it's best to research Military Tradition and Gunpowder quickly to make the most out of Conquistadors. Use them to attack those behind on technology.

Against Conquistadors[]

If you maintain a decent defense and get Gunpowder before the Spanish have both Gunpowder and Military Tradition, the Conquistadors lose their advantages. Hold off any hills they're likely to retreat into with Longbowmen. War Elephants are about equal with Conquistadors in an unpromoted battle.

Civilopedia entry[]

Following Columbus, a Spanish military group known as Los Conquistadores, "The Conquerors", were directed by Hernan Cortes to the New World with the sole purpose of seeking out new frontiers and riches in the unknown. The Conquistadors undertook their expeditions in the vast landmasses of the Americas at their own expense, risking their lives without aid from the Spanish royalty. Horses adorned with many bells enabled the Conquistadors to launch successful offenses against the American Indian natives, who had never seen a horse before the arrival of the Conquistadors. Spanish-Conquistador conquests include campaigns in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Cuzco, Colombia, Chile, the Bay of Honduras, and the Pacific Coastal regions.

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