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Copernicus' Observatory is a World Wonder in Sid Meier's Civilization.


To maximize science production, build Copernicus' Observatory in the same city as the Colossus.

Civilopedia entry[]

Early in the 16th Century, Nicholas Copernicus rediscovered the heliocentric theory of planetary motion, which is the belief -- now known to be fact -- that the planets revolve around the Sun. The foundation of modern astronomy was this theory and the meticulous scientific data collected by Copernicus in his Observatory, a small room in an East Prussian Cathedral spire. The methods of his research and observation that led to his correct conclusion were also a rebirth of the scientific method and an important step in the advance of knowledge.


  • Despite both the manual and Civilopedia reporting that the Automobile advance makes this wonder obsolete, due to a bug it does not have any effect and continues to work anyway.
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