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Copper (Civ6) Copper is a Bonus Resource in Civilization VI. It can be found on any type of Hill terrain.


Copper (Civ6) Copper is notable for being one of three bonus resources (along with Crabs (Civ6) Crabs and Maize (Civ6) Maize) to provide Civ6Gold Gold, which may be invaluable in the beginning of the game! Additionally, its improvement is a major Civ6Production Production booster, and building Industrial Zones near one or more Copper (Civ6) Copper Mines will yield even more impressive Civ6Production Production bonuses.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Ductile with a high heat and electrical conductivity, copper has been used by men for thousands of years, since at least 8000 BC (giving name to the so-called Copper Age). But mostly it was used in alloys, such as bronze, brass, and cupronickel, all of which are a lot more durable and stronger, and hence good for things like armor and swords. Copper itself has some useful properties, not the least the fact humans need trace amounts in their diet to avoid some unpleasant debilitating conditions.

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1 Added in Maya & Gran Colombia Pack2 Secret Societies mode only • 3 Specific scenarios only
R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

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