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The Corporation is a special tile improvement in Civilization VI. It is built by a Great Merchant and is exclusive to the Monopolies and Corporations game mode, introduced in the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack. It can only be built on a luxury resource which a player already owns three improved copies of and on a tile that is already improved by an Industry.


When Economics is discovered, you can take your Industries to the next level with this Corporation improvement. Similar to its predecessor, the Industry, the Corporation also has a few notable quirks:

  • You can have only 1 Corporation per city, and Corporation tiles cannot be swapped, similar to how the Golf Course, Open-Air Museum, and Ice Hockey Rink work.
  • A Corporation can only be built after at least three copies of the same luxury resource have been improved, and an Industry of that luxury has been established. A Great Merchant Great Merchant can then be expended on an Industry tile to upgrade it into a Corporation.
    • In case there are fewer than 3 nodes of a particular luxury on the entire map, you need to own and improve all nodes with an Industry established on one. Afterward, you can establish a Corporation like normal.
    • All Great Merchant Great Merchants are treated equally, regardless of the eras they are from.
    • If a Great Merchant Great Merchant has multiple charges (e.g., Marcus Licinius Crassus), using any of their charges means that Merchant will be ineligible to establish a Corporation. You can't do both - the Great Merchant's Activated Effect tooltip warns “After this, the Great Person will not be able to build any tile improvements,” and if you've already used a charge, the Build Improvement: Corporation tooltip warns “This Great Person has already used one of its Action Charges, so they cannot build anything.”
    • Similar to Industries, Corporations will take into account the improved luxury resources in the city-states you are the Suzerain of, but will not count unique luxury resources that cannot be improved like Cinnamon Cinnamon, Cloves Cloves, Toys Toys, Jeans Jeans, Perfume Perfume, Cosmetics Cosmetics, traded luxuries, and luxuries brought over by Amani's Affluence title or the Great Merchant Great Merchant Colaeus.
    • If for any reason you no longer control at least 3 copies of a resource that you already established the Corporation of, you will not lose the Corporation. In fact, you can still create appropriate Create New Product (Civ6).png Products like normal. However, if the Corporation is pillaged or removed, it cannot be re-established until you gain the minimum control of the resource.
  • Just like Industries, each empire can have many Corporations, but players can only establish one Corporation for each type of luxury resource. However, luxury Corporations are unique, which means if a player has built a Corporation based on a luxury, no other players can build a Corporation for that luxury anymore.
    • It is also possible to steal a Corporation with a Great Merchant, provided that you control more luxury resources in question than the player already owning the Corporation.
  • When the city that contains a Corporation changes hands, the new owner can still keep the Corporation inside. And since Corporations are unique among empires, this situation is guaranteed.
  • Corporations effectively double the unique bonuses granted by Industries. For example, a Tea Tea Industry grants 15% Science Science to its parent city; when upgraded, a Tea Tea Corporation will grant 30% Science Science.
  • Neither an Industry nor a Corporation is a requirement to establish Monopoly over a resource.

That is just the beginning. Once established, Corporations allow their parent city to run a special new project called Create New Product. There are many variations of the Create New Product project, corresponding to many types of luxury resources, but the mechanics behind them stay the same. Once finished, the project creates a new type of Great Works called Create New Product (Civ6).png Products. Create New Product (Civ6).png Products have small base yields of 1 Tourism Tourism together with either Science Science, Faith Faith, Culture Culture or Production Production depending on the luxury resource. However, the most powerful aspect of Create New Product (Civ6).png Products is that they can be stored inside Stock Exchanges and Seaports (each of which has 3 slots for Create New Product (Civ6).png Products in this game mode). Create New Product (Civ6).png Products can then be shipped to other cities to grant the Industry bonus to their parent cities; this bonus will stack with the bonus supplied by the Corporation that created the Create New Product (Civ6).png Product, or other Create New Product (Civ6).png Products of the same luxury (up to 8x in the Corporation city or 6x in other cities, granted they have the required storage buildings). Create New Product (Civ6).png Products can also be traded to other civilizations, just like Great Works.

Note that when you build a Corporation, the existing Industry improvement will be removed, so the net yield you gain from this is actually 2 Food Food, 8 Production Production, and 2 Gold Gold, and you will lose the extra Great Merchant Great Merchant point from the Industry.


The below table lists all of the bonuses that each luxury grants to its host city once it has been improved with a Corporation.

Luxury Bonus Description

Amber Amber R&F-Only.png
Dyes Dyes
Incense Incense
Pearls Pearls

+50% Faith Faith yield in host city.

Citrus Citrus
Cotton Cotton
Ivory Ivory
Tobacco Tobacco
Whales Whales

+60% Production Production towards military units in host city.

Cocoa Cocoa
Honey Honey[1]
Salt Salt
Sugar Sugar

+40% Citizen Population growth, and +6 Housing Housing in host city.

Coffee Coffee
Silk Silk
Spices Spices
Wine Wine

+40% Culture Culture yield in host city.

Diamonds Diamonds
Jade Jade
Silver Silver
Truffles Truffles

+50% Gold Gold yield in host city.

Furs Furs
Olives Olives R&F-Only.png

+60% Production Production towards civilian units in host city.

Gypsum Gypsum
Marble Marble

+60% Production Production towards buildings in host city.

Mercury Mercury
Tea Tea
Turtles Turtles R&F-Only.png

+30% Science Science yield in host city.

R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

Corporation names[]

Each new Corporation is given a name formed by randomly choosing one of the prefixes and one of the suffixes from the table below.

Prefix Suffix
Acme Incorporated
No. 1 Conglomerated
Best Lucky United
Uncle Dennis's Division
Paragon Next Syndicate
Hunahpu and Xbalanque Limited
Consolidated Trust Unlimited
Unity Next Family
Mama's Favorite Hypercorporation
Atlas Corporation
Golden Mill Megacorp
Worldwide Trading Company
Prince Feldges Company
Strenger's Own Mercantile
Sid's Choice Corporation
New World Assimilated
Classic Combine
Grayhead Zaibatsu
Ed's Discount Tong
Madame Luxor's Select Chaebol
King Productions
Elephant Quality Goods
Royal Select Heavy Industries
Kapital Limited Liability Company
MCM Kombinat
Crown Products
New Land
New Dawn
Red Sun
Pure Land

Civilopedia entry[]

Edward, Lord Thurlow, is popularly quoted as saying, “Corporations have neither bodies to be punished, nor souls to be condemned, they therefore do as they like.” The modern-day corporation traces its lineage back to the great trading companies of the 16th-19th century. Facing the uncertainty of transcontinental oceanic trade, something greater needed to be made to outlast the possible death of both ship and owner. The trading companies reshaped the world – goods flowed around the world, but in the end, these companies were also victims of their own riches; global instability rose (in part owing to the action of the trading companies) making trade routes riskier, costs rose along with corruption and mismanagement, and eventually their home empires took over and colonialism moved to a more direct and invasive form. But the model of the corporation, and its utility in creating an artificial, imaginary, legal body that separates individuals from potential risk - and liability - remains with us.


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R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.