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Corruption (Civ2).png Corruption in Civilization II results in the loss of Trade (Civ2).pngTrade arrows in cities, reducing the income available towards Taxes, Science, or Luxuries.

Waste (Civ2).png Waste is similar to corruption but it deals with production.

Corruption is a function of the game's Difficulty level, government type, and a city's distance to the Capital. The presence of a Palace completely eliminates corruption in the Capital, while other cities can reduce their corruption by 1/2 by building Courthouses.

Changing to more advanced forms of government will also reduce corruption: Communism results in nearly-zero corruption, while Democracy or Fundamentalism will eliminate it entirely.

Civilopedia entry[]

As your civilization grows, you might notice that some of your cities are losing some of their Trade and Shields to corruption and waste. Corruption is Trade income that is lost to theft, embezzlement, and other illegal practices. Waste is Shield production that is lost to inefficiency. The farther a city is from your capital, the more corruption and waste it experiences. The amount of corruption and waste is also affected by the system of government you are using.

Corruption and waste, if left unchecked, can significantly slow the development of your civilization. Both corruption and waste can be reduced by 50 percent by building a Courthouse in the city experiencing the problem. The best solution, however, is to switch your system of government to a more advanced form. The more advanced the government, the less corruption and waste you experience. Communism and Democracy alleviate this problem altogether.

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