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Cosmetics (Civ6) Cosmetics are a unique Luxury Resource in Civilization VI. They are provided exclusively by the Great Merchant Helena Rubinstein.

  • +4 Amenities6 Amenities (+1 Amenities6 Amenity to up to 4 cities)


Cosmetics (Civ6) Cosmetics are most beneficial to either Montezuma (for the Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength bonus they provide his units) or the Scots (for the Civ6Science Science and Civ6Production Production bonuses they receive when their cities are Happy or Ecstatic). Rubinstein provides two copies of them, so the extra one can be traded.

Civilopedia entry Edit

The use of cosmetics spans 6000 years and almost every civilization. In one way or another – ritual, religion, courtship, art – cosmetics have been a staple of being human. Even when frowned upon, as in ancient Rome (the wanton Cleopatra, for instance, was condemned for it) and ancient Israel (where Jezebel was lambasted for her painted eyes in the Old Testament). Even as late as 1900 AD using cosmetics was somehow disreputable, but the “Flapper Era” brought it to prominence in America and Europe, and made it a big business. The cosmetics industry has grown steadily ever since, driven by the “youth culture” prevalent today.

Civilization VI Resources [edit]

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G: Accessed by Great MerchantS: Suzerainty with Zanzibar

1 Added in Maya & Gran Colombia Pack2 Secret Societies mode only • 3 Specific scenarios only
R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

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