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Courthouse (Civ2).png An Courthouse is a building in Civilization II that decreases corruption in the city by 50% and makes the city more resistant to diplomats and spies. Under Democracy, one content citizen becomes happy.

When a spy or diplomat attempts to bribe a city (by inciting a revolt, or subversion), the existence of a Courthouse in the target city increases the cost to bribe.


Destroying the Courthouse in an opponent city will increase corruption, cutting into their income, and decrease the cost for you to subvert the city. If you plan on subverting a city, it is cost-effective to have a spy sabotage this building first.

Civilopedia entry[]

As kingdoms and empires expanded, it became increasingly difficult for the rulers to maintain control over the more distant regions of their realm. To ensure that the far-flung cities of the empire contributed their expected share of duties and taxes to the government, local magistrates and courts were established. In the courthouse, the ruler's representatives listened to the grievances of the people and defined and enforced the laws that governed social interaction. This reduced crime, and thereby kept the local population productive.

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