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Crabs Crabs are a Bonus Resource in Civilization VI. They are found in coastal waters.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Improved Crabs Crabs provide bonuses to Gold Gold and Food Food. They can help spur economic development in coastal cities.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Living in both salt and fresh water, and even on land, the various species (over 800) of crab have a thick exoskeleton and twin claws. Crabs have been a source of food for humans for millennia; today, they make up over 20% of all the marine crustaceans caught, farmed, and consumed worldwide. Pheromones are used by fully aquatic crabs to attract a mate – given how tasty they are, a necessary survival skill – while terrestrial dwelling crabs often use visual signals, such as male fiddler crabs waving their large claws to attract a female.

Civilization VI Resources [edit]

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G: Accessed by Great MerchantS: Suzerainty with Zanzibar
1 Added in Maya & Gran Colombia Pack2 Secret Societies mode only • 3 Specific scenarios only
R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
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