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Crabs Crabs are a Bonus Resource in Civilization VI. They are found in coastal waters.


Improved Crabs Crabs provide bonuses to Gold Gold and Food Food. They can help spur economic development in coastal cities.

Civilopedia entry[]

Living in both salt and fresh water, and even on land, the various species (over 800) of crab have a thick exoskeleton and twin claws. Crabs have been a source of food for humans for millennia; today, they make up over 20% of all the marine crustaceans caught, farmed, and consumed worldwide. Pheromones are used by fully aquatic crabs to attract a mate – given how tasty they are, a necessary survival skill – while terrestrial dwelling crabs often use visual signals, such as male fiddler crabs waving their large claws to attract a female.

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