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Craftsmen is an Economic Policy Card in Civilization VI.

Strategy Edit

This is the next Economic Policy which enhances adjacency bonuses, this time for the Industrial Zone. It is also quite an important and useful one, since the Industrial Zone is one of the most important districts, and it is usually easy to provide it with adjacency bonuses. When you add the bonus from Craftsmen, you will get a considerable boost to all Civ6Production Production in cities with Industrial Zones! Use it well to advance your construction projects, build Wonders, or enlarge your military.

Civilopedia entry Edit

The craft guilds of the Middle Ages not only protected craftsmen (and their customers from shoddy work), but insured that there would be ever more craftsmen. An aspiring craftsman would pass through various levels of training and responsibility – from apprentice to journeyman – before being tasked with producing a “masterpiece.” If that was acceptable, the candidate would be a master craftsman, capable of producing the finest of works in their craft, be that jewelry or carpentry. As new crafts evolved across medieval Europe, new craftsmen swelled the growing cities: cobblers, barbers, brewers, curriers, farriers, apothecaries … a nigh endless list of the middle class.

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