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"Never again can I gaze upon the beauty spots of the Earth and enjoy them as being the finest thing I have ever seen. Crater Lake is above them all."
–Jack London
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Crater Lake is a single-tile passable Natural Wonder in Civilization VI. Crater Lake appears as a Lake on Plains or Tundra tiles. Its tile provides 4 Civ6Faith Faith and 1 Civ6Science Science, instead of the normal yields from lake tiles. Crater Lake increases the Appeal of adjacent tiles by +2.

Like normal Lake tiles, Crater Lake provides Fresh water to adjacent tiles. Land Units also suffer a Civ6Movement Movement penalty when they embark/disembark from Crater Lake's tile onto dry land.

In Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, discovering Crater Lake grants +1 Era Score, or +3 Score if the player is the first to do so.


Crater Lake's tile has a yield of 4 Civ6Faith Faith and 1 Civ6Science Science. Since faith is often hard to generate early in the game, founding a city next to the lake can provide a vital head start with founding an early Pantheon.

Like ordinary lake tiles, the yields of Crater Lake's tile can be increased using certain bonuses. If the wonder tile is owned by a city with a Lighthouse and Seaport, the yield of its tile will increase by 1 Civ6Food Food and 2 Civ6Gold Gold respectively. Owning the Huey Teocalli wonder will also increase the Lake's yields by 1 Civ6Food Food and 1 Civ6Production Production. The Suzerain bonus of the Auckland city-state further increases the tile yields by 1 Civ6Production Production, and by an additional 1 Civ6Production Production once the Industrial Era has been reached.

Unfortunately, as with all natural wonders, the Crater Lake tile cannot be developed or improved. Crater Lake can interfere with district or farm adjacency bonuses, however it is small enough that this is usually not a major issue.

Civilopedia entryEdit

John Wesley Hillman was the first non-native to see the lake, which he named “Deep Blue Lake.” The lake has had an identity crisis ever since, having been later renamed “Majesty Lake,” and currently “Crater Lake.” The local Klamath tribe considered it a sacred site, created during the battle between the sky god Skell and the underworld god Llao. Formed some 7700 years ago when the stratovolcano Mazama in the North American Cascade Range collapsed, Crater Lake is a deep caldera lake. Since no rivers flow into or out of the lake, the fresh waters there are the result of rain and snow; scientists estimate that the water is completely replaced only every 250 years. Not the best spot to refill a canteen when hiking the glorious Cascade trails.


  • The maximum possible yield from Crater Lake's tile is 4 Civ6Faith Faith, 2 Civ6Food Food, 2 Civ6Gold Gold, 1 Civ6Science Science, and 3 Civ6Production Production. This is possible if the tile is in a city with a Seaport, if the player owns the Huey Teocalli wonder, if the player is the Suzerain of Auckland, and the game is in the Industrial Era or later.
  • Crater Lake is the ninth deepest lake in the world, at 594 meters deep.
  • The island in the middle of the lake is known as Wizard Island.
  • Crater Lake is the smallest passable natural wonder in the game.


Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement 100th Anniversary (Civ6)
100th Anniversary
As America make a National Park of Crater Lake and both tiles of Yosemite in one game
2016, the year that Civilization VI was released, was the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, which manages national parks in the United States.
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