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Create New Product is a project in Civilization VI. It is exclusive to the Monopolies and Corporations game mode, introduced in the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack. It becomes available in any city with a luxury resource Corporation, and when completed produces a Create New Product (Civ6).png Product which can be placed in a Stock Exchange or Seaport.

There are many types of Create New Product project, corresponding to all luxury resources in the game. You can only run Create New Product projects for a given luxury resource in a city with a Corporation corresponding to that particular luxury.

Product names[]

Resource Names Notes
Amber Amber Griffin's Plume
Tsarskoye Ambers A reference to the Amber Room, located in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg.
Namsai Perfume A reference to the Golden Pagoda, located in the Namsai district in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.
Jurassic Gems Amber A reference to Jurassic Park.
Fragrant Sheep Perfume Amber is used to make certain perfumes
Citrus Citrus Tree-Fresh Orange Juice Oranges are a type of citrus and are displayed on the resource icon.
No-Scurv Lime Juice Scurvy is a critical Vitamin C deficiency usually cured with citrus juice, which has a high Vitamin C content.
Summertime Supplements
Imperial Cross Marmalade Marmalade is a condiment made of oranges.
Meier's Oven Baking Supplies Possibly a reference to Sid Meier.
Cocoa Cocoa Fuligin Dark Chocolate Bars Fuligin is a hypothetical color that is "darker than black" in The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe.
Whizzo's Choco-Mix A reference to a Monty Python sketch.
Heidi's Alpine Hot Chocolate Mix Could possibly be a reference to Heidi, the protagonist of a book of the same name, who lives in the Swiss Alps.
Xocolatl Spiced Drinking Chocolate Xocolatl is the Nahuatl word for "chocolate." The Nahuatl-speaking Aztecs first invented hot chocolate and would prepare it using spices.
Island Dream Cocoa Butter Lotion Cocoa butter is not only used for making chocolate, but also other goods.
Coffee Coffee Game Designer Fuel Coffee Coffee is a stimulant which causes accelerated brain activity.
Neurologically Unsafe Instant Coffee
Kaffa Harrar Roast Coffee Kaffa and Harrar are cities in Ethiopia, the country often considered to be the birthplace of the coffee plant.
Sopranzetti Espresso
Tampuan Roastery Cold Brew
Cotton Cotton Rugged Hill Jeans Jeans are (at least partially) made of cotton.
Mahendradatta Batik Mahendradatta, also known as Gunapriya Dharmapatni, was a queen of Bali. Batik is an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth.
Fluffy Sheep Linens
Sur-Dry Diapers A play on the words "sure dry."
Westford Textiles
Diamonds Diamonds Suvanna Gemstones Suvanna can mean "of good color or beautiful" in Pali, the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism.
Blown Eardrum Speakers Diamond is an important component of many modern hand held electronic devices. Their role in electronics is to facilitate heat dispersion and protect sensitive computer parts.
Infrasound Audio Tech
Lacero Drill Bits Industrial diamonds are principally used as a cutting tool or an abrasive due to being one of the hardest substances on Earth.
Monolith All-Consuming Mining Equipment A reference to the Monolith from Arthur C. Clarke's 2010: Odyssey Two, which consumed Jupiter to create a miniature star that warmed Titan.
Dyes Dyes Litham Indigo A reference to the litham or tagelmust, a type of indigo-colored garment worn by Berber Tuareg men.
King's Scarlet Dyes Scarlet is a shade of dark red, sometimes historically associated with royalty.
Monochrome Colors A monochrome is a photograph or picture developed or painted in various tones of only black and white.
Food Dye Red #5 A reference to FD&C Red No. 2, a food dye banned by the FDA in 1976.
Dai-Iro Industrial Paints Dai-Iro (大色) means "Big Color" in Japanese.
Furs Furs Arctic Moon Fashions Certain animals with rare and historically sought for furs are found in the arctic, such as wolves, foxes, weasels, stoats and bears.
Marie Antoinette Headwear A reference to Marie Antoinette, a French queen who was beheaded during the French Revolution.
Lord Steven's Stovepipe Hats A reference to fur hats.
Mercury Haberdashery Haberdashery (called "notions" in American English) are clothing-related products, such as threads, zippers, and needles, sold by haberdashers in clothing stores.
Elysium Angora Yarns Angora rabbits produce some of the softest furs; Elysium is the location where those chosen by the gods went in the afterlife in Greek mythology.
Gypsum Gypsum Colossus Construction Supplies Gypsum is used in construction, specifically for plaster and drywall. "Colossus" simply means something or someone big and may be a reference to the Colossus of Rhodes, a wonder in-game.
Svadilfari Masonry Supplies In Norse legend, Svadilfari was the horse ridden by the stonemasons that built the walls of Asgard.
Demeter Growth Chemicals Demeter was the Greek goddess of agriculture.
Titanic Construction Materials In Greek mythology, the Titans were the gods who existed before the Olympians. Atlas was one of them, renowned for his strength, which he used to hold up the sky. Atlas can also be seen holding up the globe in the cover art and promotional imagery of Civilization VI.
Atlas Insulated Building Material
Honey Honey Late Summer Pure Honey
Nature's Hive Royal Jelly
Whanganui Manuka Honey Mānuka Wellbeing is a New Zealander company which produces honey alongside the Whanganui river.
Abe's Apis Probiotics Apis is the genus in which honeybees are classified. Possibly a reference to Burt's Bees.
Royal Buzz Pollinators A reference to how bees pollinate to make honey.
Incense Incense Nag Champa Nag Champa is a popular Indian fragrance, usually made with sandalwood and Champa flowers.
Phra-jan Dara Sandalwood Aromas Sandalwood is traditionally used in some incenses for its smell.
Franks Incense A pun on the word "frankincense," a type of incense.
Love Potion #8 A reference to "Love Potion No. 9," the name of a 1959 song and a 1992 movie.
Stink Destroyer Air Freshener Incense works similarly to air freshener, providing a pleasant smell inside of a building.
Ivory Ivory Hattori Hanzo Hilts Hattori Hanzō was a ninja, and later a samurai, who helped Tokugawa Ieyasu rise to power. His sword's hilt was made of ivory.
Bertie Wooster's Billiard Balls Bertie Wooster is a character from P. G. Wodehouse's Jeeves stories.
Aana Ivory Fashions
Xiangya Fashions Xiàngyá (象牙) is Chinese for "ivory/elephant tusk."
Tickle Piano Keys A reference to the illegal practice of making white piano keys using elephant ivory.
Jade Jade Hongshan Luxury A reference to the Hongshan jade culture.
Immortal Beauty Jade
Nuwang From the Chinese word nǚwáng (女王), which means "queen regnant." Also the name of a Chinese empress.
Pearl Delta Possibly a reference to the Pearl River Delta, an industrial region in China.
Savannakhet A city and province of Laos.
Marble Marble Augustine Marble Finishing A reference to Augustus Caesar and some words he spoke on his deathbed: "I found a Rome of bricks; I leave to you one of marble."
Alabaster Masonry Alabaster is a stone used for carving statues and also for processing into a plaster-like powder and is similar in appearance to pure white marble.
No-Burp Antacid Marble and common antacids are composed of the same material, calcium carbonate.
Attila's Scouring Powder A reference to Attila, who was known as the "Scourge of God."
Morte Monoliths Refers to the use of marble in funerary markers and headstones.
Mercury Mercury Sur-Read Thermometers Mercury used to be used in thermometers.
Martine Dependable Thermometers Scottish physician George Martine was one of the first to use a mercury thermometer to assess health.
Centennial Light Bulbs Some coiled lightbulbs contain mercury vapor.
Metalhead Brain Wires
Fire Axis Thermostats A reference to Firaxis Games.
Olives Olives Kalamata Dream Olive Oil Kalamata olives are large, dark purple olives named after a Greek city.
Byzantine Dawn Olive Oil The Byzantines were known to produce olive oil.
No-Granny Youth Preserving Cream
Face-Off Facial Restorer Possibly a reference to the movie Face/Off, in which the two main characters undergo surgery to swap each other's faces.
Martinese Pickled Olives Olives are a typical garnish (and olive brine a typical ingredient) in a dirty martini.
Pearls Pearls Night Tide Baubles
Setesuyara Cosmetics Setesuyara is a Balinese goddess of the underworld.
Aunt Enid's Clutching Pearls Pearl-clutching is a figure of speech meaning an overreaction to something relatively inoffensive.
String of Stars Necklaces Pearls are sometimes used as beads in necklaces.
Merrow Case Oysters May be a reference to mermaid's purses, a common name for the egg sac of a shark or skate.
Salt Salt Waimanalo Huli Huli Chicken Spice
Adder's Tongue Medical Supply A reference to snake oil, a term that refers to deceptive marketing, health care fraud, or scams.
Mom's Pickling Supplies Salt is used as a food preservative, especially as in the preservation of meats.
Keep-it-Down Preservative
Flayvur Seasoning A play on the word "flavor."
Silk Silk Atas Luxury Textiles Silk is a type of textile, generally seen as quite luxurious.
Saratsawadi Medical Supply A name of Saraswati, a Hindu goddess sometimes associated with healing.
Far North Field Medical Supply
Hung Vuong Fine Fabrics Hùng Vương refers to 1 of the 18 rulers of the ancient kingdom of Văn Lang (now known as Vietnam).
Dock 2 Living Decor A reference to Pier 1 Imports, an American furnishings and decor chain.
Silver Silver Dark of the Moon Silver Jewelry
Fadaka Designs
Megastorm Microcontrollers Silver iodide (AgI) is used in cloud seeding.
Connecto Precision Switches Silver is an excellent electrical conductor.
Unforgettable Photography Silver plates are often used in developing photographs.
Spices Spices Archipelago Nutmeg Indonesia, an archipelago, is the world's chief producer of nutmeg.
Pueblo Kitchen Chili Powder A reference to Southwestern American cuisine, specifically New Mexican cuisine, which involves a wide variety of spices and chili peppers.
Gondavana Cinnamon Cinnamon is a type of spice, though is a separate resource in-game.
East Indies Nutmeg The "East Indies" is a term for Southeast Asia and Indonesia, historically a region known for the production of spices including nutmeg.
Volcano Chili Sauce Chilis act as a spice, and one appears on the resource icon.
Sugar Sugar Mama Theresa's Baking Sugar Possibly a reference to Mother Teresa.
Bubba Mubba Bubble Gum A reference to Hubba Bubba bubble gum.
Rock's Penny Candy Rock candy is a type of candy made by crystallizing sugar on a stick, wand, or string in a supersaturated sugar-water mixture.
Sucro-Cola A play on the words "Coca Cola" and "sucrose."
Ed Teach's Homestyle Molasses Edward Teach was the given name of Blackbeard.
Tea Tea Saratsawati Chai Chai means "tea" in various Indian languages.
Sea Urchin Green Tea Green tea is a type of Chinese tea.
First Flush White Tea First Flush is the first plucking of a tea plant’s harvest season. The new growth leaves plucked during First Flush are the youngest and most tender part of the tea plant and are said to yield the purest and freshest cup of tea that plant is capable of producing.
Asa-no-Sencha The English transliteration of 朝の煎茶, which means "sencha in the morning" in Japanese.
Sun-Never-Sets Tea A reference to a phrase used to describe the British Empire's dominance over the world. The Empire is known for having exploited the Indians and Chinese in order to produce tea for the massive demands of it in Britain.
Tobacco Tobacco Mountain Fresh Cigarettes Cigarette's main component is tobacco.
Coughing Cowboy Cigarettes A reference to Marlboro Man, a cowboy figure used in advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes. Five actors who had played the Marlboro Man passed away due to smoking-related diseases, thus "Coughing Cowboy."
Petit Dictator Cigars A reference to the stereotypical cigar-smoking banana republic dictator.
Burnt Bourbon Flavored Tobacco Possibly a reference to burnt bourbon sugar, a flavouring used in some foodstuffs.
Stockholm Snuff A reference to Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco.
Truffles Truffles Boar's Bounty Truffles A reference to the fact that the majority of natural truffles are sniffed out and collected by trained pigs.
Abydos Truffle Oil The name of the eighth nome of Upper Egypt.
Pig Snout Truffles A reference to the fact that the majority of natural truffles are sniffed out and collected by trained pigs.
Autumn Twilight Truffles are harvested during autumn.
Sniffing Pig Artisinal Eats A reference to the fact that the majority of natural truffles are sniffed out and collected by trained pigs.
Turtles Turtles Mary Shelly Eyeglass Frames A reference to Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein.
Palawan Shores Hair Accessories
Wujin Beauty Supplies
Guilinggao Turtle Jelly Guilinggao is a traditional Chinese medicine/dessert made from herbs and a paste of the bottom shell of a three-lined box turtle.
Lord McConnell's Decidedly Not Mock Turtle Soup A reference to U.S. Republican senator Mitch McConnell and his resemblance to a turtle or tortoise, and to mock turtle soup.
Whales Whales Melville's Plenty Lamp Oil Herman Melville was the author of Moby-Dick.
Moldywarp's Ambrosia A reference to the children's book Moldy Warp the Mole by Alison Uttley.
Whalebarf Ambergris Ambergris is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish color produced in the digestive system of sperm whales, used in the perfume industry.
Ishmael's Lamp Oil Ishmael is the narrator of Moby-Dick.
Kujirasan's Lubricants Kujira means "whale" in Japanese, and -san is a Japanese honorific; thus Kujirasan (クジラさん) can be translated as "Mr./Ms. Whale".
Wine Wine Del Sol Malbec Names of various varieties of wine.
Kvevris Saperavi
L'Ombre Cabernet
Villa Scintillante Prosecco
Grunental Sekt
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