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Crossroads of the World (Civ4)

A screenshot of Crossroads of the world.

Crossroads of the World is a scenario for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword in which the player plays as one of five major civilizations and tries to control trade in the region.


Major civs:

  • Ethiopian Empire - led by Zara Yaqob
  • Mamluk Sultanate - led by Baibars (reused Hannibal)
  • Ottoman Empire - led by Mehmed II
  • Rasulids - led by Rasul (reused Saladin)
  • Timurid Empire - led by Tamerlane (reused Kublai Khan)

Minor Civs:

  • Makuria - led by Amai (reused Shaka Zulu)
  • Sultanate of Adal - led by Ahmed Gurey (reused Suleiman)
  • Jiddah - led by Hashem of Hejaz (reused Darius)
  • Kingdom of Cyprus - led by Guy of Lusignan (reused Charlemagne)
  • Antioch - led by Bohemond (reused Justinian)
  • Baghdad - led by Al Musta'sim (reused Hammurabi)
  • Borno - led by Idris Alooma (reused Mansa Musa)
  • Ilkhanate - led by Hulegu Khan (reused Genghis Khan)
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