Cha Dawn
Cha Dawn (SMAC).jpg
Leader of the Cult of Planet
Name Cha Dawn
Rank not on file
Position not on file
Country of Origin Unknown
DOB Unknown
Height 114.3 cm
Weight 27.2 kg

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The Cult of Planet is a faction in Sid Meier's Alien Crossfire. Cha Dawn is the faction's leader.

Faction characteristics[edit | edit source]

  • +2 PLANET: (Devoted to promoting native growth)
  • -1 INDUSTRY: (Reluctant to pollute environment)
  • -1 ECON: (Disinterested in wealth and its trappings)
  • Free BROOD PIT with discovery of Centauri Genetics
  • Mind Worms do double police duty: (Fear and reverence for native life)
  • May not make Wealth choice in Social Engineering
  • Aggression Aggressive
  • Priorities Return Planet to its pristine state
  • Starting Tech Social Psych and Centauri Genetics
  • Agenda Green (social)
  • Aversion Wealth (values)
  • If an AI starts with this or the alien factions, they won't appear on the map until years/turns after everyone else. If a player plays as the Cult or one of the two alien factions, then the starting year is pushed farther ahead, but no one has anything built yet, no head start. This is because the aliens arrived later, and Cha Dawn was born after the arrival of the Unity ship.

Leader's defining quote[edit | edit source]

"Mankind has been blind for thousands of years-for all of its history. We have come to a place whose wonders are a hundred-fold more amazing than anything on Earth. Around us is clear evidence of the will of a higher power. I bring the Vision to the blind eyes of men. I bring the Word to the deaf ears of men. I will make them see it. I will make them hear it."

-- Prophet Cha Dawn, "Planet Rising"

List of bases[edit | edit source]

Land[edit | edit source]

  1. Dawn of Planet
  2. Worm’s Lair
  3. The Edicts
  4. Terror’s Delight
  5. Seers of Chiron
  6. Sword of Planet
  7. Wormfang Shrine
  8. Consecration Pit
  9. Planetvision Gate
  10. Trance of Purity
  11. Virgin Planet
  12. Chiron Stigmata
  13. Locust Haven
  14. Well of Souls
  15. Remain in Light
  16. Sporerunner Sanctum
  17. Childhood’s End
  18. Trial By Fire
  19. Dawn’s Chancel
  20. Concordat of Worms
  21. Misericordia
  22. The Hermitage
  23. Invictus

Water[edit | edit source]

  1. Deep Isle Shoals
  2. WaveTrance Dome
  3. Point Flensing
  4. Ninevah Rising
  5. Ark of the Edicts
  6. Dawn’s Reverie
  7. Sealurk City
  8. Sanctuary Dome

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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