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Culture Culture is one of the main statistics in Civilization VI. It represents a civilization's progress in the arts and crafts. Its role has been greatly enhanced since Civilization V: besides fueling border expansion at the city level, it is now used to research developments in the brand new civics tree.


Culture Culture functions on two levels: first, your total Culture Culture output (plus eventual lump sums) is applied on the empire level to progress through the civics tree (similar to how Science Science is used to progress through the technology tree). This is an automatic process which starts the moment you found your first city and doesn't stop until the end of the game.

Second, local Culture Culture output of each city is applied towards its (and by extension your empire's) border expansion. This process is also automatic - the player can't even control which tile will the city claim next. Tiles acquired this way generally favor tiles with resources, will always be the one of the closest available tiles, and can be as far as 5 tiles away from the city center. Of course, border expansion can be controlled in other ways (buying tiles with Gold Gold).

Although Culture Culture is not the main stat required to win a Cultural Victory (this is reserved for Tourism Tourism, as it was in Civilization V: Brave New World), Culture Culture is indispensable when pursuing one, as it grants your civilization faster progress in the Civics tree and more ways to quicken the expansion of your Tourism Tourism.

Also, Culture Culture is the key to defending against a Cultural Victory! Accumulating large amounts of Culture Culture attracts domestic tourists in your civilization, which forces other civilizations pursuing a Cultural Victory to attract more visiting tourists, thus slowing down their progress.


Culture Culture may be earned through a variety of ways, though it rarely comes from terrain. Like Science Science, each Citizen Citizen in your cities produces Culture Culture; however, the amount (0.3) is not nearly enough for good progress. This could make for a sluggish start to your cultural development, and in this game this means not only slower acquisition of new Policy Cards, but also many other hindrances.


The first and most obvious source of Culture Culture is the Monument building, which is available to every City Center right away. For a time, this is also the most readily accessible source of Culture Culture apart from Luxury Resources (detailed below).

The main source of Culture Culture in the game, however, is the Theater Square district and its many buildings. These include:

Furthermore, the adjacency bonus of the district nets additional Culture Culture (although it's not easy to activate it), and each Specialist Citizen Citizen working in the Theater Square garners +2 Culture Culture. Finally, Theater Square buildings are the main source of slots for Great Works, which are also a serious source of Culture Culture.

If you have attracted and activated the Great Engineer Leonardo da Vinci, Workshops in all Industrial Zones also provide +3 Culture Culture.

Cultural city-states may grant up to +4 Culture Culture in every Theater Square district (+2 Culture Culture for each Amphitheater or Museum instead of base district in Rise and Fall), depending on the number of Envoy Envoys assigned to that particular city-state, plus an additional +2 Culture Culture in the Capital Capital.

With the Ethiopia Pack and the new Diplomatic Quarter, cultural city-states may now grant up to +6 Culture Culture in every Theater Square district (+1 Culture Culture for each Amphitheater, +2 Culture Culture for each Museum and +3 Culture Culture for each Broadcast Center), depending on the number of Envoy Envoys assigned to that particular city-state, plus an additional +1 Culture Culture in the Capital Capital.

Great Works[]

Great Writers, Great Artists, Great Musicians, and the Great General Sun Tzu create Great Works that give major boosts to both Culture Culture and Tourism Tourism. Most types of Great Works grant Culture Culture, along with their main Tourism Tourism bonus, when placed in their respective slots in your buildings. The only exception is the Relic Relic, which grants Faith Faith instead.

The combination of the building bonuses and Great Work bonuses usually provides enough Culture Culture for rapid progress through the Civics tree. However, keep in mind that Great Works take some time to appear - you will need to attract Great Person Great People, and it takes time to build up their relevant GPP outputs. Thus, Great Works only aid cultural progression towards the middle and late game.


Several luxury resources grant bonus Culture Culture, including:

All of these bonuses are available right away, and can be invaluable at the start of the game. Look to settle near these resources if you want rapid cultural progression in the beginning.

Religious Beliefs[]

A small handful of Beliefs and Pantheons grant bonus Culture Culture when their conditions are met:

  • God of the Open Sky: +1 Culture Culture from Pastures.
  • Goddess of Festivals: +1 Culture Culture from all Plantations.
  • World Church: +1 Culture Culture for every 5 followers of the particular Religion in other civilizations.
  • Lay Ministry: Each Theater Square district in cities following the particular Religion grant an additional +1 Culture Culture.
  • Choral Music: Shrines and Temples provide Culture Culture equal to their intrinsic Faith Faith output.

Note that God of the Open Sky and Goddess of Festivals will be active in all your cities (being Pantheon Beliefs, which cannot be overridden) as soon as you adopt your Pantheon. Furthermore, the relevant Resources are abundant which makes these Pantheons a reliable source of Culture Culture in the early game. World Church is always active (being applied on the empire level), but it will take time to spread your Religion sufficiently for it to make any real difference. Lay Ministry will only work if the city with the Theater Square is following the relevant Religion.

Policy Cards[]

Many Policies grant bonus Culture Culture once their conditions are met:

These Policies are available early in the middle game, so they can be used well for advancement through the Civics tree.


Many Wonders grant substantial Culture Culture boosts. These include:

Other Wonders contain Great Work slots, which may also grant Culture Culture when filled:

Culture Culture bonuses can also be obtained through natural wonders:

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.


Cultural city-states grant substantial Culture Culture bonuses, when you have enough Envoy Envoys in them. All of them will grant +2 Culture Culture to your Capital Capital at 1 Envoy Envoy, and further Culture Culture to every city with a Theater Square (+2 at 3 Envoy Envoys, and a further +2 at 6 Envoy Envoys). Note that you don't have to be the Suzerain of the city-state to gain these bonuses!

Finally, Culture Culture may be earned through trade - all you need to do is send an international Trade Route Trade Route to a city which has culture-oriented activity.

Unique Bonuses[]

Many unique pieces of infrastructure and civ/leader abilities grant special Culture Culture bonuses:

  • The unique building of America, the Film Studio, grants +4 Culture Culture.
  • The unique building of the Aztecs, the Tlachtli, grants +2 Culture Culture (R&F-Only +4 Culture Culture).
  • The unique building of Japan, the Electronics Factory, grants +4 Culture Culture after researching the Electricity technology.
  • The unique tile improvement of China, the Great Wall, grants +1 Culture Culture for each adjacent Great Wall.
  • The unique tile improvement of Egypt, the Sphinx, grants +1 Culture Culture.
  • The unique tile improvement of France, the Château, grants +2 Culture Culture and +1 Culture Culture if built adjacent to a Wonder, increasing to +2 with Flight.
  • The unique tile improvement of Sumeria, the Ziggurat, grants +1 Culture Culture if adjacent to a River.
  • The unique tile improvement of Persia, the Pairidaeza, grants +1 Culture Culture (+1 Culture Culture with Diplomatic Service) and an additional +1 Culture Culture for each adjacent Holy Site and Theater Square.
  • The unique building of the Khmer, the Prasat, grants +0.5 Culture Culture for each point of Citizen Population in its home city.
  • The unique district of Greece, the Acropolis, grants greater Culture Culture adjacency bonuses for being next to a district and +2 Culture Culture for being adjacent to the City Center.
  • The unique district of Vietnam, the Thành, grants +2 Culture Culture for every adjacent district.
  • Satrapies, the civ ability of the Persians, grants them +1 Culture Culture from each domestic Trade Route Trade Route.
  • Toqui, the civ ability of the Mapuche, grants them +5% Culture Culture in cities with an established Governor, which is tripled in cities they did not found.
  • Hallstatt Culture, the civ ability of the Gauls, grants +1 Culture Culture to their Mines.
  • Nine Dragon River Delta, the civ ability of the Vietnamese, grants +1 Culture Culture to buildings in districts constructed on Woods.
  • Thermopylae, the leader ability of Gorgo, grants her Culture Culture from combat victories equal to 50% of the Strength Combat Strength of the units defeated.
  • Surrounded by Glory, the leader ability of Pericles, grants him +5% bonus Culture Culture for each city-state he is the Suzerain of.
  • The Grand Embassy, the leader ability of Peter, grants his Trade Route Trade Routes +1 Culture Culture for every 3 Civics the destination civilization is ahead of him.
  • Righteousness of the Faith, the leader ability of Saladin, grants him +10% bonus Culture Culture output from worship buildings.
  • Lithuanian Union, the leader ability of Jadwiga, grants her +2 Culture Culture from each Relic Relic.
  • Radio Oranje, the leader ability of Wilhelmina, grants her +2 Culture Culture from each incoming international Trade Route Trade Route.
  • Council of Ministers, the leader ability of Menelik II, grants him 15% Culture Culture from of the Faith Faith output for cities on hills.
  • If the Secret Societies game mode is enabled, the Owls of Minerva can build the Gilded Vault instead of the Bank, which provides Culture Culture equal to the Commercial Hub's Gold Gold adjacency bonus.
  • If the Secret Societies game mode is enabled, once the Voidsingers reach the Medieval Era, each city earns Culture Culture per turn equal to 20% of its Faith Faith per turn rate.



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