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Culture Bomb (Civ6)

Poland can trigger a Culture Bomb by building a Fort here, allowing them to steal two tiles from Greece.

Culture Bomb is a special effect in Civilization VI which instantly expands a civilization's territory into nearby neutral, or even foreign-owned territory. Culture bombing is the only way of taking non-neutral territory in the game, barring military conquest or diplomatic negotiations involving switching cities.


The Culture Bomb is triggered on a specific tile (usually by building a tile improvement or district). The result is the immediate annexation of the six tiles surrounding the trigger tile, without districts or wonders and falling within 3 hexes of one of the owner's City Centers. Tiles in which wonders or districts are being constructed are still flipped under the effect of a Culture Bomb, wiping out any unfinished construction in the process.

A Culture Bomb may be triggered by a number of special sources within the game. Typically, it is the case of civilization-specific abilities, such as:

Non-civilization-specific Culture Bombs can be unlocked via other means. Notably:

Related achievements[]

You Are A Terrible Person
You Are A Terrible Person
Playing as Poland, destroy another civilization’s incomplete wonder by initiating a Culture Bomb.
The player has wasted the other civilization's resources by destroying their wonder.
Wood for Sheep
Wood for Sheep
Playing as Australia, build a Pasture over Sheep and steal an adjacent player's Lumbermill
Refers to common actions in Settlers of Catan.