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Cunhambebe is the leader of the Tupi in Civilization IV: Colonization.


Cunhambebe was the leader of the Tupi, a collection of native groups that controlled much of modern Brazil, during the mid-16th century. Historically each tribe of Tupi had their own chief; Cunhambebe was one of the few rulers who managed to unite multiple tribes under the same banner. According to legend Cunhambebe lived in a huge fortified palace, littered with guns and artillery that his warriors stole from the Portuguese.

Under Cunhambebe, the Tupi strove to stymie the efforts of the Portuguese at every turn. When their own efforts proved to be ineffective, they joined forces with the French to push their common foe into the sea. However, in 1557 a new Portuguese governor, Mem de Sa, convinced Cunhambebe to withdraw his support for the French and enter into talks with the Portuguese. Cunhambebe agreed, halting his people's raids on the nascent Portuguese colonies. The peace would not last long, and over the next century the Tupi would be nearly annihilated by the European invaders.

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