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Curator is an additional title for Reyna the Financier in Rise and Fall.

Curator is an additional title for Pingala the Educator in Gathering Storm.

Curator is a Level 3 title for Reyna, a Governor in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, requiring Tax Collector. In Gathering Storm, it is a Level 3 title for Pingala, requiring Grants.


Doubles Tourism Tourism from Great Works of Art, Music, and Writing in the city.

Civilopedia entry[]

A curator is someone who specializes in the interpretation of art and artifacts, and presents them to the public in a way which facilitates learning and understanding. This is an important and rewarding position, and may lead to firing the imagination of the next generation of researchers and curators in a field.

Civilization VI Governors [edit]
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Pingala Arms Race ProponentConnoisseurCurator GS-Only.pngGrantsLibrarianResearcherSpace Initiative
Reyna ContractorCuratorForeign ExchangeForestry Management GS-Only.pngHarbormasterLand AcquisitionRenewable Subsidizer GS-Only.pngTax Collector
Victor Air Defense InitiativeArms Race Proponent GS-Only.pngDefense LogisticsEmbrasureGarrison CommanderRedoubtSecurity Expert

GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.