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Daedalus Ladder (CivBE)Daedalus Ladder
Daedalus Ladder wonder (CivBE)
Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 1700 20xProductionBE
Maintenance None
Requires 2 20xGeothermalBE Geothermal
Specialist slots None
Effect +5 20xDiplomaticCapitalBE Diplomatic Capital
+10% 20xFoodBE Food
+10% 20xCultureBE Culture
+10% 20xScienceBE Science
+10% 20xProductionBE Production
+10% 20xEnergyBE Energy
Notes None

The Daedalus Ladder will permanently tie up 2 Geothermal resources.


"Beyond this flesh, Beyond this dream, I have danced among the stars. My children dance on endless worlds." - Kavitha Thakur, Glorious Key of the Exodite Sutra


We who stand atop the Daedalus Ladder, we owe it to those who came before us to tread the path from Old Earth to this new planet. We who seldom suffer, who see much, who understand much, who have wrought so much by our own hands and the works of all these worlds, we must bear witness to the primitive humanity that bore us until we could extend ourselves and become that which the universe meant us to be.

What was humanity, that we should care for it? Little more than an elevated ape, much less than a descended angel. Social, and yet isolated, mistrustful and fearful. Limited by a single lifespan, subject to the degradation of the flesh and the failure of the mind, ending in death. But this poor material was enough to create the Daedalus Ladder, whose rungs we all know in the very fabric of our being:

Cyberization: Augmenting the failing body with machines, maintaining life. Reontogenesis: Repairing the genotype and eliminating the failures of heritage. Eidetic Encoding: Creating self-replicating codes that observe and preserve the Ladder within the substance of self. Cliosis: Perfecting the self-memory. Xenography: Incorporating elements of the psycho-physio-biochemistry of the new world to the self. Mnemosymonization: Embedding the species-memory and optimizing cognitive operation. Reprogenesis: Transferring the Ladder to our unborn offspring. Archezation: Extending the lifespan arbitrarily, creating the choice of when to experience death. Ataxification: A shutting-down of the old self, allowing the Laddered creature to become the new self.

Observe now the facility where the Ladder was first implemented, preserved as we have left it, now that we need no machine to bring Humanity along the Ladder. Is it not strange, that a single species could uplift itself so profoundly? We can, if we wish, experience the limitations of old humanity - and we know it to be a confining, haunted existence. But we pay it homage, for without our ancestors, we would not hold this galaxy as our birthright.

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