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The Dar-e Mehr is an advanced religious building introduced to Civilization VI in the Fall 2017 Update. It is built in the Holy Site district and requires a Temple (or one of its replacements). It may also be purchased with Civ6Faith Faith.

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Strategy Edit

This worship building provides increasing amounts of Civ6Faith Faith with the passing of time, making it advantageous to build or purchase early on. However, the Dar-e Mehr should almost never get picked up, considering that Religious Victory has a really narrow window of opportunity, rendering it counter-synergistic with the one purpose it is built for. Not to mention, if this building gets pillaged, rebuilding it means nullifying all the extra Civ6Faith Faith you accumulate over the eras, and there is likely to not have much time left for you to build this Civ6Faith Faith up again. Just an overall bad Worship Belief to choose.

Civilopedia entry Edit

First seen around the Ninth Century BCE, the first Zoroastrian structures called 'Dar-e Mehr' are linked to the concept of 'Atar' ("holy fire"). The fire and clean water at the center of the Dar-e Mehr aren't worshipped, but instead a means to gain ritual purity.

A temple would be named depending on the type of fire housed within, with the holiest being the "Fire of Victory," or 'Atash Behram,' requiring 32 priests and a year of burning fires from 16 sanctified sources to be considered consecrated.

These temples, usually constructed on a hill or higher location, contain ritualized flames housed in a chamber called the atashgah. However, if you're a non-believer, don't expect to see the atashgah or the flame inside: tradition dictates that only the faithful be allowed to view the holy fire.

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