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Deep Space Telescope
Deep Space Telescope
Orbital Unit in Beyond Earth
Required 2 Petroleum Petroleum
1 Firaxite Firaxite
Orbital Automation Orbital Automation
Orbital Zone Radius 2
Sight Range 2
Orbital Lifespan 60

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Game info[]


Deep Space Telescope.png

The Deep Space telescope is a modern demonstration of one of humanity's greatest drives - to find out if we're alone in the Universe. This sophisticated satellite peers into the farthest depths of Space with its advanced sensors, and eventually manages to discover the Signal, the final proof that we're indeed not alone! This is one of the steps required for the Contact Victory.

Of course, this unit also has a practical use. Its priceless data are used by scientists on the ground to help research into various technologies.

Civilopedia entry

The Deep Space Telescope is a scientific marvel which likely would not exist, if not for humanity’s natural curiosity. It serves only one function – scientific research. It is such a highly-advanced tool, its presence increases a city’s Science. This is a wonderful tool for any technologically progressive colony, but it is not the Telescope’s true purpose. The Telescope was specifically designed to locate what has been dubbed “The Signal.” It is believed that this mysterious “Signal” was left behind by the planet’s previous inhabitants. The Signal’s purpose or message is unknown. But, through the use of the Deep Space Telescope, humanity hopes this mystery will eventually be answered.