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Game Info[]

Bonus resource.


Deer Deer are found on Forest and Tundra tiles, mainly in the polar (northernmost/southernmost) regions of the world. They typically provide a significant fraction of available Food Food in these otherwise barren parts of the map, making their presence and exploitation an important factor in sustaining strong cities in these areas. Building a Camp will further enhance the Gold Gold yield of Deer Deer once you have researched Economics, making them valuable to your empire's economy as well.

Note that building a Camp does not require clearing the underlying Forest. This allows continued exploitation of the additional Production Production provided by the Forest itself, for a base yield of 2 Food Food and 2 Production Production from a Camp built on a forested Tundra tile with Deer Deer. One should preserve the Forest whenever possible if the underlying terrain is Tundra, since clearing it will result in a net loss of 1 Production Production. However, if the terrain is Plains, then removing the Forest will not change the tile yields because both Forest and Plains give 1 Food Food and 1 Production Production. Thus, one should always clear the Forest of a Deer Deer on a Plains tile before constructing the Camp.

Civilopedia entry[]

Deer and their relatives - reindeer, moose, roe, etc. - can be found in herds across the planet. They have provided food, leather, bones, gut, and other materials for pre-industrial people for uncounted thousands of years.

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