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Game Info[]

Bonus resource.


Deer Deer are found on forest and tundra tiles, mainly in the polar (northernmost/southernmost) regions of the world. They typically provide a significant fraction of available Food Food in the otherwise barren polar regions of the map, making their presence and exploitation an important factor in sustaining strong cities in these areas. Building a Camp will further enhance the Gold Gold yield of Deer once you have researched Economics, making them valuable to your empire's economy as well.

Note that building a Camp does not require clearing the underlying forest. This allows continued exploitation of the additional Production Production provided by the forest itself, for a base yield of 2 Food Food and 2 Production Production from a Camp built on a forested tundra tile with Deer Deer. When the terrain beneath the forest is tundra, one should preserve the forest where possible, since clearing it will result in a net loss of 1 Production Production. However, if the terrain is plains, then removing the forest will not change the tile yields because both forest and plains give 1 Food Food and 1 Production Production. Thus, one should always clear the forest of a Deer Deer on a plains tile before constructing the Camp.

Civilopedia entry[]

Deer and their relatives - reindeer, moose, roe, etc. - can be found in herds across the planet. They have provided food, leather, bones, gut, and other materials for pre-industrial people for uncounted thousands of years.

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