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Deer (Civ6) Deer are a Bonus Resource in Civilization VI. They are found on Tundra tiles, or in Woods.


Improved Deer (Civ6) Deer provide bonuses to Civ6Production Production and Civ6Gold Gold, spurring development in small, early cities. They are also one of the few resources that appear in Tundra regions, so players using Canada or Russia are likely to have an easy time finding Deer (Civ6) Deer.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Found in just about every climate and terrain on the planet, herds of deer have been hunted by primitives with spears (or now guns) for necessity and sport forever. During the Upper Paleolithic period, reindeer were the primary meat of Cro-Magnon people; in China, Homo erectus fed upon the sika deer; ancient Celts hunted red deer. Since deer were so plentiful (and so tasty), they also figured in the artistic culture and heraldry of many civilizations.

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