The Demographics Report provides you a list of statistics about your civilization compared and ranked to the rest of the world.

Detailed StatisticsEdit

  • Approval Rating: the percentage of the people who think you are doing a good job as ruler.
  • Population: the number of people in your civilization.
  • GNP: the total of luxuries and taxes generated by your cities.
  • Manufactured Goods: the total of resources generated by your cities.
  • Land Area: the land squares that your units were last to pass through, representing the part of theworld that is under your influence and control.
  • Literacy: the percentage of your population that can read. This depends on acquiring the advance sof the Alphabet, Writing, and Literacy, plus the number of Libraries and Universities that your civilization possesses.
  • Disease: a relative standing based on whether your civilization has acquired the advance of Medicine, and the number of Granaries and Aqueducts in your cities.
  • Pollution: a comparison of the amount of pollution you are creating versus your rivals, measured by the number of smokestacks generated by your cities.
  • Life Expectancy: a relative number determined by the extent of disease and pollution in your civilization.
  • Family Size: a number determined from the amount of excess food generated by your cities. Large family size means rapid population growth.
  • Military Service: an indicator of the length of military service determined by comparing the number of military units you possess to the size of your population.
  • Annual Income: the amount of luxuries and tax revenues your cities generate, divided by your population.
  • Productivity: the total of food, resources, and trade generated by your cities, divided by your population.

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