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The demographics screen is one of your most important tools for assessing how well you are doing. In single-player games, for each category your rank is displayed in the left-most column, while the average, maximum, and minimum values are to the right. 

Here is a breakdown of the information it gives you and how it is calculated:

Demographic What it represents
Population Relative to the number of 20xPopulation5 Citizens and cities you have. Formula unknown.

The release of the gameCoreDLL shows the "realPopulation" formula in (CvCity.c), that is

long CvCity::getRealPopulation() const
    return (((long)(pow((double)getPopulation(), 2.8))) * 1000);

That is, each city's "real" population is (getPopulation() ^ 2.8) * 1000. So, the population is the sum of each city's "real population."

Crop yield The total Food Food produced in all of your cities. This is not your surplus food.
Manufactured goods The total Production Production in all of your cities.

GNP (Gross national product)

The total Gold Gold collected in all of your cities before expenses.
Land 10,000 times the number of tiles within your borders.

Relative to your military might. This is influenced by your units, their health and their promotions, and the amount of Gold Gold in your treasury.

(Square root of your military might) * 2000

The release of the gameCoreDLL shows that the formula for Military Might is :

int CvPlayer::calculateMilitaryMight() const
	int rtnValue = 0;
	const CvUnit *pLoopUnit;
	int iLoop;

	for (pLoopUnit = firstUnit(&iLoop); pLoopUnit != NULL; pLoopUnit = nextUnit(&iLoop))
		// Current combat strength or bombard strength, whichever is higher
		rtnValue += pLoopUnit->GetPower();

	//Simplistic increase based on player's gold
	//500 gold will increase might by 22%, 2000 by 45%, 8000 gold by 90%
	float fGoldMultiplier = 1.0f + (sqrt((float)GetTreasury()->GetGold()) / 100.0f);
	if (fGoldMultiplier > 2.0f) fGoldMultiplier = 2.0f;

	rtnValue = (int)(rtnValue * fGoldMultiplier);

	return rtnValue;

This is the total current Combat or Bombard Strength (whichever is higher) of all units and calculates a multiplier to increase the total based on the amount of Gold Gold in your treasury. The gold multiplier is capped at 2x.

Approval 60 + (excess 20xHappiness5 Happiness * 3), up to a maximum of 100%
Literacy 0% until you research Writing. Percentage of the technology tree that you have completed. All technologies have the same value.


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