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Desert (Hills) is a base terrain in Civilization VI which is a variant of other Desert tiles. Like other Desert tiles, they are usually found in equatorial regions.

Desert Hills provide 1 Production Production. Desert Hills may be improved with Mines, which makes them vastly more productive than other Desert tiles. All Hills have a +3 Strength Combat Strength modifier, which can strengthen city defenses, as well as protect vulnerable units.


Desert Hills are rarely a first choice for improvement or priority when settling, considering their relative lack of yields even with a resource. However, for civilizations like Australia and Mali, or a city intending to build Jebel BarkalPetra, or the University of Sankore, they can be useful or even highly productive!

Civilopedia entry[]

Even less appealing than flat desert, about the only thing desert hills are good for is defending in a battle. This feature has made them the holdouts for groups such as the Bedouins, Tuaregs, Berbers, and other desert-dwellers.


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