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Desert Folklore is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It increases the Faith Faith output of Holy Site districts by 1 for each adjacent Desert tile.


Like all pantheons that rely on specific terrain types, Desert Folklore attempts to boost the desirability of an otherwise unappealing terrain. It requires an appropriate start and the player having more interest in Faith Faith than whatever other bonuses may be obtained (e.g. extra Culture Culture from Sheep Pastures through God of the Open Sky or Production Production from Oases through Lady of the Reeds and Marshes).

This pantheon makes deserts more viable places in which to found cities, especially when pursuing a Religious Victory or after adopting Theocracy or building the Grand Master's Chapel to enable Faith Faith purchasing of military units. It has good synergy with desert-biased civilizations such as Mali (with the Suguba further lowering Faith Faith costs), Egypt (who can build the Holy Sites cheaper next to a River, although River Goddess is also a reasonable choice there), and Nubia (whose Nubian Pyramid is particularly well-suited to being built next to Holy Sites).

Another side-effect of the pantheon to keep in mind is that almost all your Holy Sites built in Deserts will trigger a "Splendid Holy Site Completed" Historic Moment upon completion, which gives you +3 Era Score for the first time you achieve this.

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