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In Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri every unit you build is through the designer workshop in one of your bases. You can choose various things to customize it as you see fit.

Design workshop (SMAC).png

Design Options[]


Determine the locomotion system


Determine the equipment or weapon level


Determine the armor level.


Determine the reactor level which influences the units hitpoints and costs.

Hitpoints = Reactor Level * 10

Special Ability[]

Special Abilities are additional features. A second can be added after the discovery of Neural Grafting.

Design Workshop Options[]

  • Apply will add the design to the build list.
  • Done will add the design to the build list and close the Workshop Design.
  • Rename will rename the design to the players wishes.
  • Obsolete will remove the design from the build list.
  • Upgrade will upgrade the design to a preset stronger version if the technological level allows it.
  • Retire will remove the design from the build list and if any units from this design are still running, it will prompt a message if the player wants to disband those units.

Vehicle Presets[]

Vehicle Presets are suggested options for units in those specific roles. Their availability and power level depends on the faction technological level.


  • Predefined units cannot be removed from the build list.
  • If a unit which isn't listed in the Design Workshop is stolen with the help of a Probe Team, it will automatically be listed in the Design Workshop.
  • Further, if the stolen unit possesses features not available yet due tech level (superior armor, superior weaponry...), it can be reverse-engineered into other units or even built. Reverse-engineering requires to modify the design of the captured unit since the feature is locked although it is already installed. However, if the unit is retired, the feature will be lost.
  • Progenitor land Colony Pods cannot be customized with Armor, Special Abilities, or Reactors, otherwise it will crash the game.