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Dido, also known as Elissa, was, according to the Aeneid, the first queen of Carthage, which she founded after fleeing the Phoenician city of Tyre when her husband was murdered by king Pygmalion. She leads the Phoenicians in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm.


Queen Dido, mother of Carthage, all your life you faced great threats and overcame them through wit and cunning. Wherever waves break on the sure, there your cities shall rise. The seas are your roads, the far horizon is your destiny and your refuge.


Dido's unique agenda is Sicilian Wars. She wants to settle coastal cities and dislikes leaders who have many coastal cities.

Her leader ability is Founder of Carthage. It grants cities with a Cothon the unique Move Capital project, which moves the Phoenician Capital6 Capital Capital to that city. She also gains +1 TradeRoute6 Trade Route capacity after building the Government Plaza or any Government Plaza building and a 50% Civ6Production Production bonus towards districts in the city with the Government Plaza.

Detailed Approach


Dido is voiced by Julie Fainer, who is reprising her role from Civilization V.


Agenda-based Approval: May prosperity come to your cities - the ones away from the coast.

Agenda-based Disapproval: We have no interest in the land - that is for you to claim - but the seas and the shores are Phoenician.

Attacked: War? Are you a fool? Your cities will suffer the fate of Epirus and Saguntum.

Declares War: ?

Defeated: ?

Greeting: I, Dido, queen and mother of Carthage, greet you on behalf of the Phoenicians.


Delegation: ?

Denounced: ?

Denunciation: I pray you are sent into the fire for Moloch! I pray you be made an offering to Mot! I pray Yam rises and devours you!

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Civilization VI- Gathering Storm - First Look- Phoenicia

Civilization VI- Gathering Storm - First Look- Phoenicia

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