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Dimension Folding Complex
Dimension Folding Complex (CivBE).png
National Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 300 Production
Maintenance None
Requires None
Specialist slots None
Effect None
Notes Cities generate -50% Unhealth from population.

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The Dimension Folding Complex is a national wonder in the Rising Tide expansion pack. It can only be built by combining Progenitor Artifacts.

-50% Health Unhealth from City Population


"All conflict stems from scarcity. Not enough resources? Find more. Not enough personnel? Train more. Not enough time or space? Create more." - Vadim Kozlov, New Discourses on Consolidated Colonial Establishments


Some of the mathematical concepts supporting the Dimension Folding Complex are no more esoteric than the elementary lessons a child learns in introductory extradimensional transcendentalism. What makes the complex exceptional is not the theoretical science behind it but the scale of that science's application. Within the complex, a square-kilometer structure of unremarkable architecture, accepted laws of space-time are distorted.

Derived from the tendency of a hypersphere to disappear and reappear at regular intervals when observed in three-dimensional space, the Dimension Folding Complex maintains a hypersphere large enough to enclose the whole interior of the space and everything inside it, all together constantly materializing and dematerializing. Through the mathematical concept of Stabilized Isochronal Inverted Space, the hypersphere is forced inside out; anything connected from the third dimension is now inverted and expanded into the fourth. The exterior of the complex is unaffected, but the interior expands.

Not all theories required to design the complex were simple. Some designs were inspired by Pre-Mistake conjecture concerning space travel, a necessarily more primitive understanding of hypermathematics. In order for a Stabilized Isochronal Inverted Space to exist, there must be areas where ruptures appear; where extradimensional transcendentalism breaks down. Complex designers set up specific locations to allow for these controlled tears. Because exposure to these locations was harmless and due to the playful, curious nature of the designers, these locations were opened to the public. Referred to as "breakspace" by those who visit, the laws of space-time stretch here. Dancers initially took advantage of breakspace, performing otherwise impossible acrobatic feats. In time, sports were conceived to be played there and audiences gathered to be amazed by supernatural athletic performances. But most popular, are unassigned breakspaces, where the public can play.

The complex is such a marvel of mathematics that academy mathematicians regularly visit. A humorous observation on how to differentiate first year students from graduates is to notice where they are looking. First year students are staring at their notes, frantically scrawling calculations in an attempt to understand how they can be where they are. Graduates are the ones looking up and smiling in blissful awe.

Artifacts that prefer this wonder[]

Image Artifact name
Jelly Space artifact (Rising Tide).png Jelly Space
Planes of Dimensional Influence artifact (Rising Tide).png Planes Of Dimensional Influence
Dimension Oven artifact (Rising Tide).png Dimension Oven
The Folder artifact (Rising Tide).png The Folder
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RT only.png Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.