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Diplomacy is the art of making relations with other AI players in Beyond Earth. Like in other games, you can call up other faction leaders to talk to them.

Things That Influence Diplomatic Relations[]

  • Where you are settling, and where your borders are at.
  • Are you riling up the aliens so they are attacking them?
  • Covert Operations can undermine diplomatic relations.
  • Putting satellites over someone else's territory.
  • Spreading miasma on someone else's territory.
  • Different affinities(Harmony, Supremacy, and Purity) will be in conflict.
  • Competition for resources.
  • Going to war with other Factions
  • Recovering artifacts in their territory.
  • Getting condemned by a faction they like better than you.

The Favor System[]

The favor system can be used to press your claim during certain discussions. For example, if you say to an AI that you don't want them to settle cities close to you and they refuse you can push them with favours so that they will do as you want.


One glitch is in "deals"; you may get the message saying "You refused to assist them after signing a Cooperation Agreement!" even though you said yes to RENEW it. This can occur regardless of whether or not you have actually ever signed a Cooperation Agreement with that civilization during your game, as well as when Civilizations "regretfully" ask for your generosity for the first time. However, it has been noted that this bug may be representative of generalized display-only errors with the "Influencing their opinion" hovertext, as even in situations where the supposed impossible negative was the only visible factor between your Civ and theirs, their overall opinion did not actually change to Guarded or more hostile.


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