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Diplomats may ignore adjacent enemy unit's Zone of Control during movement. They have no maintenance cost and do not cause unhappiness when away from their home city under Republic and Democracy.

Diplomatic Actions[]

The Diplomat is possibly the most versatile unit in the game. Upon entering a rival city, he can:

  • Establish Embassy: enables intelligence report for that civilization in the Intelligence menu.
  • Investigate City: see the city screen and view what is being constructed, etc.
  • Steal Technology: attempt to steal a random technology your civilization has not discovered yet. Only possible once per unconquered city.
  • Industrial Sabotage: Randomly destroy a building or nullify production in the city.
  • Incite a Revolt: for a significant amount of Gold1.png, gain control of the city and some of its units. This will cause war.
    • Subvert city: for double the amount of Gold1.png of Revolt, gain control without starting a war.
  • Meet with King: contact the leader of the civilization.

All these actions consume the diplomat except for Meet with King.

Additionally, a Diplomat can bribe enemy units for Gold1.png to join your civilization. This does not consume the diplomat.

Civilopedia entry[]

The astute Diplomat serves his homeland in a variety of ways. He establishes and maintains contacts with other powers, he reports back to his ruler on developments of interest, and, when needed he engages in less reputable activities. These may include sabotage of enemy production; espionage (including the theft of new technologies); and subversion and bribery of enemy cities and military units. Possessing no apparent military strength, the Diplomat, when properly employed, is nevertheless a potent weapon in the arsenal of the intelligent ruler.

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