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The Diplomatic Quarter is a specialty District District in Civilization VI, dedicated to foreign policy and international relations. It requires the Mathematics technology.

Vanilla and Rise and Fall[]

  • Effects:
  • Restrictions:
    • Limit of one per civilization.

Gathering Storm[]

  • Effects:
  • Restrictions:
    • Limit of one per civilization.


The following buildings can be constructed in a Diplomatic Quarter:


With the release of the Ethiopia Pack, the Diplomatic Quarter was introduced to reduce the power of yields from city-states, effectively making the game last a bit longer. Now, in order to fully benefit from your tributary states, you need to construct this district and its buildings. The yields from city-states are now as follow:

  • One Envoy Envoy: Grants +1 yield for each tier 1 building of the respective district and the Capital Capital.
  • Three Envoy Envoys: Grants +2 yield for each tier 2 building of the respective district and the Consulate building.
  • Six Envoy Envoys: Grants +3 yield for each tier 3 building of the respective district and the Chancery building.
  • If the city-state is a trade city-state, the bonus yield will be +2 Gold Gold, +4 Gold Gold, and +6 Gold Gold for one Envoy Envoy, three Envoy Envoys, and six Envoy Envoys respectively.

At any rate, the Diplomatic Quarter is not quite as powerful as its cousin the Government Plaza, but strong nonetheless. The Consulate and Chancery are both buildings with powerful effects, and its Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor bonus is strong as well. There are two main ways to use the District's effects:

  1. Via its Spies- crippling property. If you're playing a Tourism Tourism-focused game, build a hexagon of, for example, your City Center, your Theater Square, and several Wonders with Great Work slots, and place this in the center to keep covert action from robbing your Great Works or neutralizing your Curator Pingala; if you're aiming for the stars, make sure this district covers your Campus so nobody steals your tech, your Industrial Zone so nobody sabotages your Production Production, your Spaceport so nobody ruins your space launches, and your City Center so nobody neutralizes your Space Initiative Pingala. The downside is that methods like this require a lot of foresight- when you're fumbling around in the Classical Era, only just having discovered Mathematics, the first thought on your mind is hardly a devious Black Queen Catherine sabotaging your moon landing in the Atomic Era!
  2. Via its City-State yield boosters. If you're playing a 'diplomacy game' in the old sense (meaning that you attempt to improve relations with as many City-States as possible), you will be able to enjoy very nice yields for the district's parent city! For instance, having 3 Envoy Envoys in an Industrial city-state with this district and a Consulate constructed will grant you 4 Production Production; if you have 3 envoys in both a Scientific city-state and an Industrial city-state, you will get 4 Production Production and 4 Science Science from this district and the Consulate combined. These bonuses increase even further when you have more Envoy Envoys in the late game: having 6 Envoy Envoys in two scientific city-states and all buildings in this district will be worth about 20 science per turn, which can scale nicely with Pingala. And the best part is that you don't need to be Suzerain to a City-State to enjoy the bonuses, just to have the necessary number of Envoy Envoys and not be at war with it. So, spread out your Envoy Envoys, instead of concentrating on a particular City-State, utilize governor Amani strategically, and turn the city with the Diplomatic Quarter into an industrial powerhouse. This strategy correlates very nicely with the Barbarian Clans mode (which naturally increases the number of City-States available in a single game), and also with the Monopolies and Corporations mode - make sure to found an Industry and/or Corporation in the city which boosts a particular yield your City-State allies provide in abundance!

The +1 Diplomatic Favor Diplomatic Favor applies to Delegations you receive from other civilizations, which means friendly relations are needed. Being denounced or starting a war will remove them.

The Diplomatic Quarter can never be captured. If the parent city changes ownership, it will always be deleted along with any building inside, even if the new owner has not built this District District anywhere else in their empire.

Civilopedia entry[]

Meetings of foreign leaders, even in ancient times, do not just involve two people sitting down to talk. Rather, they are accompanied by a vast network of ambassadors, consuls, aides, translators, etc. All these people need a place to work. In Washington D.C., a stretch of Massachusetts Avenue serves as just this sort of place devoted to diplomacy. Lining this street, are sometimes luxurious, sometimes modest, sometimes old and sometimes brand-new buildings sporting the flags of multiple nations. Most nations have such neighborhoods: Seoul’s Itaewon, Beijing’s Chaoyang, Paris’s 7th arrondissement, Abuja’s Independence and Constitution Aves, are just some examples. These are places where foreign leaders come, discuss, and have their representatives. And not just foreigners: diplomatic quarters are also centers for universities’ international schools, think-tanks and lobbying firms, places to eat, drink and entertain… and spy and counterspy.


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