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Discipline is a social policy in Civilization V. It is part of the Honor tree.

Introduction of strict discipline in the military is paramount for good performance on the battlefield. When soldiers know that their fellows are right nearby, ready to support them, they fight more willingly and with more vigor!

Game Info[]

  • +10% (+15% in GodsKings5 clear.png and BNW-only.png) Melee strength combat strength for melee Units which have another military Unit in an adjacent tile.


The other choice for a starting Policy in the Honor Tree provides an important fighting bonus throughout the game. A well-versed commander will be able to use Discipline to a devastating effect, especially in big battles where entire armies face each other. Don't forget to always move units in groups of at least two, so that they could make use of the bonus! Also, Discipline opens up the path to the later, economically beneficent Policies in this tree.

Civilopedia entry[]

In a military structure, discipline refers to a soldier's willingness to follow legitimate orders, to respect superior officers, and to put their life in jeopardy or even die when required. Disciplined soldiers are expected to uphold the dignity of their uniform when off-duty and to protect the weak and helpless. Lapses in discipline may lead to military punishment or even courts-martial and discharge.

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