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Divine Spark is a pantheon in Civilization VI. It provides the player with +1 Prophet6 Great Prophet point for each Holy Site they own, +1 Scientist6 Great Scientist point for each Campus they own, and +1 Writer6 Great Writer point for each Theater Square they own. In the June 2019 Update, it was altered so that Campuses will provide Scientist6 Great Scientist points only if they have a Library and Theater Squares will provide Writer6 Great Writer points only if they have an Amphitheater.

Note that the Kongolese get less benefit from this pantheon under Mvemba a Nzinga, since his leader ability prevents them from building Holy Sites.

Strategy Edit

Although this pantheon gives bonus points to 3 different Great People types, the most important one of them is the invaluable Prophet6 Great Prophet point to help you secure a religion. This pantheon is particularly great for civilizations that have bonuses tied to religions yet no mechanism for helping them secure one (such as Georgia and Spain), or in any game where you want to found a religion without having any aids yet on that quest. Of course, the bonus points towards Writer6 Great Writers and Scientist6 Great Scientists also help players who aim for a Cultural or Scientific Victory, but in these cases, they are most likely mass-producing Campuses and Theater Squares anyway, so this pantheon will not feel as effective.

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