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"What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out."
–Alfred Hitchcock

Game InfoEdit

The antique drama is the first advanced form of art developed by man, influencing even civilizations in much later ages. It is the first instance in which people attempt to represent objects and events which are not part of their immediate environment, such as legends and fantasy stories, and serves as an inspiration for poetry. With their sophisticated combination of acting and words, Drama and Poetry allow the further intellectual advancement of mankind.

Its immediate representation is the Amphitheater, which provides a boost to 20xCulture5 Culture. In Brave New World this tech also enables construction of the first art guild - Writers' Guild.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Drama and poetry are both forms of artistic expression, the former expressed through the use of visual performance, the latter through the written word. Drama is most commonly associated with theatrical performances - plays, musicals, and operas - although in modern times these traditional forms have been surpassed by television and movie productions. Poetry focuses on the use of written language to express both a literal meaning, and often a thought-provoking underlying message.

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