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The drill line of promotions give military units first strikes, and reduce the amount of collateral damage they take.

In vanilla Civ4, drill was not available to gunpowder units. This capability was added... when?

Drill I[]

Drill II[]

Drill III[]

Drill IV[]

Civilization IV Promotions [edit]
Accuracy AceB Ambush Amphibious Barrage (I - III) Blitz Charge City Garrison (I - III) City Raider (I - III) Combat (I - VI) Commando Cover Drill (I - IV) Flanking (I - II) Formation Guerrilla (I - III) Interception (I - II)B LeadershipW March Medic (I - III) Mobility MoraleW Navigation (I - II) Pinch Range (I - II)B Sentry Shock TacticsW Woodsman (I - III)
W Added in WarlordsB Added in Beyond the Sword