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A Drought is a type of disaster in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It affects Plains and Grassland terrain and it is the longest lasting disaster in the game. At the same time its sheer destructive power is far smaller than other disasters.

  • Effects:

There are two different levels of Droughts: Major and Extreme (a.k.a. 'Withering'). The first one lasts for 5 turns, the second one for 10 turns.

Note that after the Antarctic Late Summer Update Droughts gain an additional destructive effect past Climate Change Phase V, called desertification. This effect consists of removing tile yields gained earlier in the game from other disasters! The chance of this occurring is 15% for Phase V Climate change, plus an additional 15% for each successive phase. This makes them potentially even more destructive at this latest stage of the game.

In-game disaster descriptions[]

Type Severity Description
Drought Major Locusts whirr and dust stirs in the hot wind. The land is parched by drought.
Withering A merciless sun beats down on the drought-stricken and withered earth. No rain has fallen, and the skies promise no relief.


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