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Game Info[]

Unique building of the Polish civilization. Replaces the Stable.

  • Common traits:
  • Special traits:
    • +1 Gold Gold for each source of Horses Horses, Sheep Sheep, and Cattle Cattle worked by this city. (Note: Text displayed in-game is erroneous.)
    • +15 XP for Mounted Units produced in this city.
    • No maintenance cost


The Ducal Stable is a great replacement for the Stable. It has no maintenance cost and, in addition to the regular abilities of the Stable, it gives +15 XP for mounted units trained in this city and adds Gold Gold potential on Horses Horses, Sheep Sheep, and Cattle Cattle. (Despite what the text states, it gives the bonus yields to these resources - not the Pasture itself - whether or not they are improved, just like the Stable it replaces. Of course, at least one of these resources needs to be improved to build this building.) To make the best use of these bonuses, you must make sure you settle your cities near as many Horses Horses, Sheep Sheep, and Cattle Cattle as you can (similar to the Huns).

Civilopedia entry[]

Casimir III, upon his ascension to the throne in 1333 AD, was forced to placate the restless Polish nobility by granting them extensive concessions, including the right to maintain stables the equivalent of those of the crown. Until the end of the Napoleonic Wars, these ducal stables were a source of both prestige and power, housing from fifty to several hundred horses in addition to the grooms, with rooms for tack, saddles and trappings. Some, like the ducal stable at Szczecin, were practical and functional; others were ostentatious, with pillars and statuary, as exemplified by the stable at Kraków. Regardless of size and ornamentation, the ducal stables supplied the mounts for Poland's famed cavalry formations.

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