Earthling Settler
Earthling Settler (CivBE)
Non-Combat Unit in Beyond Earth
Required None
Moves Moves (CivBE) 1
Base Unit Strength 20xStrengthBE 0

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Used only for the Purity "Promised Land" victory, the Earthling Settler has only one movement point. Earthling Settler units are summoned through the Exodus Gate and must be settled in Earthling Settlements, which can hold up to six each. Twenty Settlers must be housed for victory. To summon Earthling Settlers, click on the Exodus Gate and use its ability button. Only one Earthling Settler can be summoned per turn.

Similar to outposts, Earthling Settlements can not be created with in 3 hexes of cities or outposts. However, they can be created with in 2 hexes of stations.

Civilopedia Entry

When the few thousands set out during the Seeding to insure the survival of the human race, millions were left behind on Old Earth. With few resources and little hope, they struggled to exist on a plundered and crowded planet that had been our home world for untold millennia. Without hope, that is, until suddenly contact came with the opening of a “warp gate” and an invitation to instantly travel across space to join the colony in subduing and settling a new home. No skills, training or wealth were required to come … just a belief in the precepts of Purity and a willingness to work. Tens of desperate thousands accepted and came through the gate to labor on the farms and in the mines, to man the defenses, to build new outposts, to cast their lot with the original colonists in forging a bright future for humanity again on this alien world. It seemed to these masses of refugees from battered Old Earth to truly be a Promised Land.


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