Ecological Engineering
Ecological Engineering (SMAC)
Tech stats
Short quote We can reshape this world
Rank Explore 4
Requisites Centauri Ecology
Gene Splicing
Leads to Centauri Meditation
Environmental Economics
Base Facilities None
Secret Projects None
Unit Advances None

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The prevalence of anoxic environments rich in organic material, combined with the presence of nitrated compounds has led to an astonishing variety of underground organisms which live in the absence of oxygen and "breathe" nitrate. Likewise, the scarcity of carbon in the environment has forced plants to economize on its use. Thus, all our efforts to return carbon to the biosphere will encourage the native life to proliferate. Conversely, the huge quantities of nitrate in the soil will be heaven to human farmers.

-- Lady Deirdre Skye ,"The Early Years"

Miscellaneous effects

Enables Plant Fungus, Condenser, Echelon Mirror, Thermal Borehole, Aquifer terraforming. Mineral production limit lifted.

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