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Ecology (CivBE)

Primary technology of Tier 1

Science 95 20xScienceBE
Requires Habitation
Leads to Alien Sciences


Buildings enabled Vivarium
Ultrasonic Fence
Improvements enabled None
Satellites enabled Miasmic Repulsor
Units enabled None

Allows the Vivarium and Ultrasonic Fence buildings. Allows Workers to Clear Miasma from any tile.

"When Coyote learned he was the only one of his kind on the new planet, his howl echoed through the rifts and off the distant hills."

- The Uncle Nevercloned Stories


Due to its interdisciplinary roots, the science of ecology traces its origins to the late 1700s AD and the works of diverse scholars such as Alexander von Humboldt, James Hutton and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. By the mid-1900s this little-remarked “science” began to expand, as concerns with unchecked human population growth, limited natural resources, climatological change and disappearing wildlife habitat became widespread among policy makers and the general populace of Earth. The aftermath of the Great Mistake brought ecology to the forefront of the applied sciences. When colonial sponsors launched their missions, ecological scientists were an important part of the effort, for it was hoped that their research would guarantee that the problems that had shattered Earth’s ecosystems might be avoided on this new homeworld.

Game InfoEdit

Ecology is a Primary Tech in tier 1 of the Tech Web. This technology allows construction of Miasmic Repulsor satellites, the Ultrasonic Fence and Vivarium building.

There is no affinity linked to this technology

In Universe InformationEdit

Ecology traces its roots back to the 1700s in the works of diverse scholars such as Alexander von Humboldt, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and James Hutton. Evolving as an inter-disciplinary science, Ecology didn't really come to the forefront of human knowledge until the late 1800s and the ever more serious damage human activity caused to the environment. Ever more polluted natural systems, disappearing species, serious climate changes and human overcrowding quickly turned Ecology into an important science, as people and governments realized they will have to deal with their own activities if they don't want to turn our planet into a waste. And then the Great Mistake came...

The decades that followed pushed Ecology to the forefront of all sciences, as governments struggled to save whatever they can from an unbelievably damaged ecosystem. The Seeding included scores of ecological specialists in every single ship, and what's more - they were regarded on an equal footing with physicists, engineers, genetics specialists and astronavigational specialists. It was evident that this time humanity had learned from its mistakes and intended to prevent them from happening on their new homes.

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